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CC1: Devastating Dinosaurs (Blade's First Cards!!! :D)

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W00t, my first cards. I made these out of boredom while learning the ropes of the Card Maker. All pictures are from Google Image.












Since it's so small, I'll write down Des Spinosaurus' effect:

""'Tyranno Infinity' + 1 Dragon-Type Monster"

This Monster can only be Special Summoned by a Fusion and can only be Fusion Summoned by the aforementioned Monsters. On the fifth Standby Phase of the player who summoned this Monster, destroy it, every other card on the field, and every card in either player's hand. Then, inflict 200 points of damage to your opponent and 100 points of damage to yourself for every card sent to the Graveyard by this effect. "


I may also re-submit Stampede Olophus (pronounced 'OLL-uh-FUSS,' BTW) later with 1000 more Attack Points.


...So, yeah... How'd this newbie do?


Thanks in advance for looking! :)

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Ooooooooh, OK. I thought he meant 'OCG' as in the Japanese card game.


But what do you mean by 'caption?' You mean writing Des's effect here instead of the Written Card forum? Or something to do with their names or the topic title?


I'm sorry, I must sound like a total idiot. I just don't remember seeing anything like this in the rules or anything... :(

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