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Magical Dark Hole Hats


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1 monster on the field


2 of some combination of the following in your deck: Dark Coffin, Statue of the Wicked, Magic Formula, Wonder Garage, or Black Pendant


1 "Magical Hats" on the field


1 "Needle Ceiling" on the field



Essentially a two-card combo that nukes the field and gives you two extra bonuses, depending on which 2 cards you used.

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maybe its something goes for lightning vortex...coz needle ceiling

destroy only face-up monster on the field...


Um no...

With Vortex, you will need to discard a card, it will be in your own turn, and it doesn't negate the attack.


With Needle Celing, you will have 1 monster which will be face-down because of Magical Hats, 2 fd s/t counted as monsters, and your opponent at least 1 monster to attack with so that makes 4+, exactly enough. Your opponent's face-up monsters will be destroyed so it's like Mirror Force for this turn, but even better since it also destroys face-up defense monsters.


Cool strategy, you seem to like Magical Hats :P

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