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HarPie's OTK Deck


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Heres 1 of the quick Rush Deck..OTK ur opponent with swarm.


Monster Cards: ( 20 )


x3 Harpie Queen

x3 Cyber Harpie Lady

x3 Birdface

x3 Garuda the Wind Spirit

x1 Hunter Owl

x3 Winged Rhynos

x1 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon

x1 Cyber Jar

x1 Raiza the Storm Monarch

x1 Harpie's Pet Dragon


Spell Cards: ( 15 )


x3 Elegant Egotist

x2 Rising Air Current

x1 Heavy Storm / Harpie's Feather Duster

x1 Mystical Space Typhoon

x1 Giant Trunade

x1 Pot of Greed

x1 Graceful Charity

x1 Lightning Vortex / Raigeki

x1 Dark Hole

x1 Premature Burial / Monster Reborn

x1 Brain Control / Change of Heart

x1 United We Stand


Trap Cards: ( )


x1 Mirror Force

x1 Torrential Tribute

x2 Icarus Attack

x1 Hysteric Party

x1 Call of the Haunted


well...this deck was good in swarming..

quick special summon a monster from deck or hand..

hmmm...in the 1st turn by setting Birdface as a defense monter..

and so when it was destroyed by battle ..u can get Harpie Lady from

deck so it was Cyber Harpie Lady..

then next in ur turn..remove it from play in the Graveyard..to Special Summon Garuda the Wind Spirit..and Normal Summon Cyber Harpie Lady

and with the help of field spell card Rising Air Current ..to Boost the Atk of all Wind monster in the field by 500 points..so now the atk of the 2 monster is 2300 and 2100..and if u have Hysteric Party and Icarus atk..just Set it then..coz u will use it as combo next of turn...and...whether ur opponent destroy ur 2 monster in the field..in ur turn..if u have another Garuda to Special and other Harpie Queen in hand.

then in ur turn..if ur opponent have 1 monster on the field...and 1 or 2 spell and trap that set..its ok..after u atk 1 of ur monster so its surely destroy ur opponent monster on the field with atk 2100(garuda) or 2400(harpie queen)...den after atk harpie lady...so whether ur opponent activate Mirror force or etc..u can chain ur Icarus atk to destroy 2 cards on the field..den after that activate ur trap card..hysteric party by discarding 1 card in hand u can special summon as many as possible harpie lady in the graveyard..so u can special summon Cyber Harpie Lady and Harpie Queen..coz they treated as Harpie Lady..then Swarm ur Opponent LP. with Direct Atks. and win the Duel...


hmmm..just rate this deck..

it will be grateful if u add some comment about this deck...


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Hmm, this actually looks pretty good. I'm not sure why you're using Birdface over Flying Kamikiri, if you could explain that to me. This isn't exactly a OTK, but it definately is an interesting combo. I also think that Harpy's Hunting Grounds is a great field spell, and Rising Air Current would take a backseat to this in my opinion.


8/10 in Advanced if you fixed it up for that format.


In Traditional, this deck is bound to lose, as are all Non-Chaos or Stein decks. So unfortunately 4/10 for that.


This is a decently built deck. I'm guessing you play a version of Traditional with your friends, without the Chaos monsters? That's how I normally play, but I just convert my decks to Advanced, so more people look at them, and their ratings can relate better to the way you play. Also, I find that the players in the Advanced section tend to be more experienced, though this is not a given.

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well i using Birdface coz it is Winged Beast Monster rather than Flying Kamikiri who are Insect type..so in that case..i can't use flying kamikir as an offer in Icarus Atk..


and for Harpies Hunting Ground..if it the only card in ur field? u have no choice but to destroy it..but sometimes i used that card as my side deck when dueling some different deck...

but then thanks anyway for your comment about my Harpie's Deck..

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... um' date=' that's not an OTK. A One Turn Kill is when you essentially get your opponent from 8000 to 0 life points in one turn, usually involving a certain combo of cards. Besides, [bold']nobody likes swarm decks....[/bold]


hmmm..well are you sure of that...nobody wants a swarm deck..?

just give a reason on how they didn't want a deck like that..

so in that case...why many duelist wants darkworld deck?

and darkworld deck is one of the deck that good on swarm...

and making some OTK...anyway thnx for your comment..

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