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WWE Fantasy Magazine welcomes all members of the WWE Fantasy Club.



[align=center]Current Rivalries


JBL versus Chris Jericho

Since Armageddon, when JBL stopped Jericho from winning the WWE Titile, the two have been going at it. Recently though their feud has slowed down since JBL attacked Hornswoggle and revealed to the world that Finlay (not Mr. McMahon) is Hornswoggle's real father. Chris Jericho recently qualified to participate in Wrestlemania 24's Money In The Bank match. To qualify he defeated Jeff Hardy, who was already in the match.


Randy Orton versus John Cena versus Triple H

John Cena returned at the Royal Rumble and won to go for the WWE title at Wrestlemania 24. But along the way, Triple H also got put into the match. Now all three are preparing for the biggest match in their careers. And with both Triple H and John Cena going for the gold, Orton should be sure to lose the title at the Showcase Of The Immortals, Wrestlemania.


Chavo Guerrero vesus CM Punk

After many tries, Chavo had finaly won the ECW World Title from CM Punk, with the help of Edge and his goons. Now CM Punk wants his title back. He even crashed Chavo's celebration fiesta by attacking the champ. with a guitar. Which ECW Extreemist will take home the gold after Wrestlemania 24? Watch the PPV to find out.[/align]



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