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ok well, your last cards were a little sloppy, you see, Type in Zombie needs to be capitalized, and the fact that most of these pictures have been used, to make the same exact type of cards could do it to, but since you did get these pictures off the internet, i will cut you some slack, but where is your url code for the pictures?



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Dude' date='the fact is I joined here today and I'm a new member so I don't really know what IMGs are used before,you know.



thats ok,

just go to photobucket.com and create an account

then save your cars to your computer as .jpg or .jpeg,

then upload the cards to your new account, and below each picture is a code called IMG,

copy and paste that code into your thread, and then you'll have actuall pictures of your cards.


oh what i was saying about url's, is that you have to provide the link of where you got the photo from.

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