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xox Just created xox PLZ RATE


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wat r IMG codes?


they are codes that allow us to actually see the picture, with having to click a link or hyperlinks,


go to photobucket.com

create an account

save your pictures as .jpg, or .jpeg to your computer

then upload your photos on your new account

and below each picture is a code called IMG

copy and paste that in your thread, and your set.

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It's exactly like Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, except that Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon has an extra option to Special Summon itself, has 200 more DEF, can Special Summon from hand or graveyard, can Special Summon Dragons of any level, and has no Life Point cost for the Special Summon effect. In fact, the ONLY advantage this thing has is that it can be Tribute Summoned with only one tribute via Cost Down, but Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon can Special Summon itself with one tribute, and Cost Down is a bad card anyhow.


Inferior versions of existing cards = meh.



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