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The 2 Tutorials in 1 Post Post

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Now i will give you 2 tutorials in one Post.


2s7t7hi.giffound on Tinypic


1.How to use Snagit

2.How to make Video Game Box Art


Tutorial 1.Snagit

To use snagit First open it up

Then you will Select what you want

Region will let you select the area you want to take a picture or record.

Window will do the same thing but it will just take a picture of the Window.

Full-Screen will take everything visible on the screen.

Scroling You need to select a window with a bar on the side.It will the scroll all the way down and take a picture of it.

Webpage keep links is the samething as scroling but after you get the result you will be able to click on the links.

The other things you don't need

Now under Capture you will defaultly see a camera.There will be a blue arrow near the red button.I dont know what web does nor so i intend to.Everything describes it self.Now who can record audio in video mode.This is on by default.To disable it click on the mike.And that is snagit.

Tutorial 2.Video game box art

Now select One of these Templates.(I got these imigaes using Snagit)

Now use this template.I have more but this is for Tutorial pourposes only.


Now go into photo shop(paint will also work but i dont know how to do it)

Now paste the image into it.Then duplicate the layer.The click on the white part when you have the magic wand tool.Then just grab the eraser and get rid of it all.Now click on the layer with the image on it and click on the tool that looks like a mouse.Now drag the edges until it fits into the box.Now you are Done.Just copy and paste a title Company logo ect. and look at the result.


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