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How to make Megaman Battlechips

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This is a tutorial on how to make your own Megaman NT Warrior battlechips.


1)Save this



2)open it up with MS paint

3)Copy-paste the picture you want into the blank blue square like this


4)Select the text tool and set it to transparent font:Tahoma size:7 or 8 color:white.

5)Type the name you want in the black strip like this



Your chip should come out something like this



You can show me your chip(s) if you want

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Instead of making a new thread, you should have just asked a mod to move the old one. They are usually nice about those things and will move it for you. Just so you know for the future ^_^

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I would have orderd them if you would have *BUMPED* your shop instead of leting it go down.

Plus I realy want to learn to make them so I can sell them in my shop...if I have your permishen to sell them.


You don't need my permission. Also, the shop is in the important section. I don't need to bump anything.

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