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My Dino-deck,tell me what you think.

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ok ppl, today ill list the card's that is in my Dinosaur's deck, it's not all in all with only dinosaur-type monster's but most of them are, so here they are:




Dinosaur monsters:


1 super conductor tyranno


1 ultimate tyranno


1 dark driceratops




3 Hydrogeddon


Black stego


2 Hyper hammerhead




Black veloci (i had to put myself in, no?):lol:


None dinosaur monster card's:


Giant Rat


Ancient gear engineer


Marshmallon (fav)




Morphing jar


Mirage dragon






Heavy Storm




Enemy controller


Creature swap


Giant Trunade


Jurassic world


Nobleman of crossout


My body as a shield


Premature burial


Swords of reveling light


Mystical space typhoon


Monster reborn (it's not band now)


TRAP card's


2 sakuretsu armor


2 Bottomless trap hole


2 Dust tornado


Fossil excavation


Trap hole




i have Spirit reaper now but i don't know what to remove from my deck to add it in pleace.

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ditch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yer its dino's but its not based around anything persific within the dino types ( so its just random dino's) , and the stucture deck is a better version of this. this is how i would build your dino deck, if your trying to base your deck around power ( which i think ur tryin to do) anyway their the fixes to the deck.


| monsters


2| ultimate tyranno

2| Black Tyranno

3| dark driceratops


2| giganties

3| Hydrogeddon

2| Sabersaurus

3| Gilasaurus

1| Marshmallon

2| Hyper hammerhead


| spells


2| Big Evolution Pill

1| Monster Reborn

1| Heavy Storm

1| Mystical space typhoon

2| Creature Swap

3| Enemy Controller

1| Smashing Ground

1| Fissure

2| Nobleman Of Extermination


| traps


2| sakuretsu armor

2| Bottomless trap hole

2| Dust tornado

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Ok no offense but this deck is as old as the dinosaurs themselfs

let me give you a sample of what the new age dino deck looks like



3x Tyranno Infinity

3x Gilasaurus

2x Ultimate tyranno

3x Hydrogeddon

3x Giant Rat

1x Destroyersaurus

2x Sabersaurus

1x Snipe hunter

1x Morphing Jar

2x Dark Driceretops




1x Heavy storm

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Dimensional Fissure

1x Dimension Fusion




3x Solemn judgement

2x Macro Cosmos

1x Return from the different Dimension

2x surivial instict


the rest is up to you

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wow if you look at a deck i post abit ago, you would seem to have the same ( not sayin you coped just same theme) idear as me. but the thing is devil raptor wants a dino deck not an infinity deck. but im not sayin ur fixes are not gd. anyways i prefure the bazzo infinity decks they work to a degree better because it has more protection. anywhoo its a gd fix, but it need much more protection.

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well i did make a macro/dino and a dino deck with bazzo the soul eater,and of what i saw is that macro/dino work's batter then bazzo, that caz some monster's need to go to the grave in order for there effect to be activited, but macro put a stop to all that, and i do use tyranno infinity but only with a remove from play deck.

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well i don't add hydro or rat in a remove from play deck, and cyberdude gaint rat and dimensoinal fissure don't mix,rat well need to go to thr grave for it's effect to take actain.i hate to tell you ths guys but both deck's you listed card's with seem's so unbalenced, and and don't stand a chance in the fce of a deck like burn deck or a deck that stop your monster's from attacking, thats were super conductor tyranno should be in order to do a thing and save the day,but i see that both of you guys did not list super conductor,witch prove to me that you ether have alot to learn or that you never faced a guy that plays a burn deck before, my deck is not made for only battles but for all condetions

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