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Spirits From The Beyond - Wandering Spirit added.


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Hey everyone, this is my newest set, and let me say it took forever! It was render after render but I think it was worth it in the end. Naturally, I'll make more but I got most of the monsters or all done for now. All helpful comments are welcome, especially OCG errors seeing the pictures took most of my time. Anyways, I decided to think out of the box and put my own seal on the bottom right of the card. In this case I used the notorious Laughing Man. In my opinion, there is no doubt that is the best set I've made yet.


*Wandering Spirit* Artist: Unknown



*Phantom Gunslinger* Artist:CyborgNecromancer



*Phantom Summoner* Artist: ProjectSquare



*Forgotten Phantom, Normal and Ghost Rare* Artist: Amni-Sensei



*Phantom of Tragedy* Artist: Evilliner



*Phantom Prince* Artist: Naoli



*Phantom Queen* Artist: Naoli



*Phantom King* Artist: ShadowX2



*Possessed Phantom* Artist: O-Mie



Thanks for looking feel free to post.



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Well, everyone starts somewhere. What makes these cards attractive is the pictures but look at the great cardmakers, usually bhim doesn't use holos. God Kaze usually doesn't. *In his archive samples at least* and many others. The picture draws you in but the effect is just as important.

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Only berserker would notice the details about the renders XD. Ya they're bit a if-ish but hey first rendered set. The background was supposed to be a constant theme I just switched the colors around a bit. Thanks for the comment. You too Moderater.

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