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My new potential deck DDT

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Crab has convienced me that DDt is good so here is the build is proposing what people think any changes are greatly apprenicated


1 Brain Control

1 Monster Reborn

2 Cyber Dragon

3 Destiny Hero - Dasher

3 Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude

1 Destiny Hero - Disk Commander

1 Elemental Hero Stratos

1 Foolish Burial

1 Heavy Storm

2 Jinzo

1 Lightning Vortex

1 Magical Stone Evacuation

1 Pot of Avarice

1 Card Trooper

1 Premature Burial

2 Destiny Draws

1 LaDD

1 DMoC

2 Trade-In

2 Pheniox Wind Wing blast

1 Mirror Force

3 Monster Gate

3 Reasoning

1 Reinforcement of the Army

1 Torrential tribute

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Organize into monsters, spells, and traps. However, this doesn't really look very DDT-ish to me.


-3 Dasher

-1 Disk Commander

-2 Cydra


-1 Jinzo

-1 Card Trooper

-1 Torrential Tribute

-1 Mirror Force (Didn't you say you don't have it?)


-1 Pot of Avarice


You're also missing a lot of vital cards, like DMoC, Divine Sword Phoenix Blade, and Dimension Fusion.

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Sorry for double post but ive found another deck list-

Monsters: 9

1 Dark Magician of Chaos

1 Destiny Hero – Dasher

3 Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude

2 Destiny Hero – Malicious

1 Elemental Hero Stratos

1 Exiled Force


Spells: 25

1 Card Destruction

3 Destiny Draw

1 Dimension Fusion

3 Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade

1 Heavy Storm

2 Lightning Vortex

2 Magical Stone Excavation

3 Monster Gate

1 Premature Burial

3 Reasoning

2 Reinforcement of the Army

2 Trade Ins

1 Monster Reborn


1 Mirror Force

2 Return from the Different Dimension

3 Threatening Roar

Hows that for a deck

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-1 Exiled

-2 Malicious

-2 Return

-3 Threatening Roar

-1 Divine Sword

-1 Mirror Force

-1 Destiny Hero Dasher

+3 Plasma

+1 Different Dimension Master

+3 Allure

+1 Trade In

+1 The Warrior Returning Alive

+1 Giant Trunade

+1 E - Emergency Call


I'm pretty sure I messed up in my fix, so feel free to correct me guys.

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kk thanks guys hopefully now i stand a chance at regionals, also the only problems is getting hold of the allures so ill probs sub in 1 warrior returning alive, another vortex. I probs can get hold of one. Also captain ive never seen you fix a deck why dont u try that instead of picking at every little thing

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