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Actualy, I found a way. Yep, I have the answer to your Question.


1. Find one of the characters that takes up the least amount of space on there background(It'll help you keep shadow of that character off). Copy


2. Make sure you have little room on MS Paint template. Paste the Image. If you didn't have that much room before you pasted, then the template will expand just enough to fit.


3. Take the Square Cutting tool & get as close to the characters shadow as you can without touching it. Move it up all the way then as far away from the character as you can.


4. Right Click, Click Copy, then paste that hunk o blue onto the character.


5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 untill you have the intire character covered


6. Open another MSPaint tab. Paste the character you want & resize if needed. Fill the background in blick. If a white space apeares, you can

*Erase it.

*Become lazy & quit.


7. Now, cut the character & paste it into the other window with the Brawl background. Place it in the middle then you are complet.

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