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Medeval magic


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I have not been on. And I have been working on a pack. for sometime, (Had lots of other things to attend that is why it takes so long for me to complete.) Please any suggestions anything just tell I will not get mad unless.... No really please tell if any thing wrong. If good please say so. Just help me become a better card creator. . And rate.


Note soul wizard is a spellcaster uploaded wrongly and edited will not show picture.


runs7t.jpgaw5kwx.jpg291nlfa.jpgxauvmf.jpg2v835he.jpg9sbi2b.jpg21l4vu9.jpg2eg910i.jpg11gkb5k.jpg2e1d5xj.jpg2iu88ch.jpg2z6atf4.jpg5zeb82.jpg2rxtjco.jpgmx2cnm.jpg33kbvj6.jpg65tsuc.jpgb3llrn.jpg289l7hd.jpg2zp62vm.jpgiwqknl.jpgw97eyh.jpgj97zm9.jpgei8rvd.jpg2pr8n6f.jpg21cxzk.jpgfdvosg.jpg9iu15f.jpg34sjv3d.jpg10wry2v.jpginqzbm.jpg214t5ed.jpg2rca2qv.jpgza0if.jpg5019cl.jpgnbotic.jpg2ce554n.jpg10zqxzl.jpgrss8qg.jpg2dulcig.jpg(Did not appear before and to lazy to find its place.

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