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whoa whoa whoa dude! this isnt a chat room, edit your posts, dont triple post. i want neg you because you seem to be new to forums all together! the code goes like this ) you have to first upload the card onto a picture hosting site like Photobucket.com. after you upload the image you can copy the url that the website gives you and put inbetween and and presto image ahoy!


EDIT: dont click that example url i put, i have no clue where it goes lol, just throwing that out there.


2nd EDIT: the example url goes to photobucket.com, thank god lol


3rd edit: forgive all my edits. about the card, since its probly your first card ill try to be easy. do not capitalize everything in the card, use correct grammer, look around on the forum for help on how to properly make a card, take note from actual yugioh cards, we try to make realistic cards, not random cards. as for pictures for your cards, i encourage you to make your own pictures but looking on google or deviant art for good pics isnt a bad idea, as long as you acknowledge the artist. 2/10, nice effort, i hope it wasnt a joke card and i just wasted my time lol. sorry for this extreamly long post lol.

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um dude, no. read my above comment, teh 3rd edit


PS, i cant begin to describe the ocg problems with that 2nd card im sorry but that one is alot worse than the black hole one because at least the black hole one made sense. 0/10 :( try harder it doesnt even look like you tried.

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