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DiAmOnD dUdE tUrBo - DDT

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[align=center]* Well, Decided to try out at a DDT Deck *


* I don't know much about DDT, so please help *




* Monsters * *11*


*** Destiny Hero - Plasma ***

*** Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude ***


* D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master *

* Dark Magician of Chaos *

* Elemental Hero Stratos *

* Phantom of Chaos *

* Jinzo *




* Spells * *29*


*** Destiny Draw ***

*** Allure of Darkness ***

*** Trade-In ***

*** Reasoning ***

*** Monster Gate ***


** Divine Sword - Pheonix Blade **

** Magical Stone Excavation **

** Reinforcement of the Army **

** Lightning Vortex **


* E - Emergency Call *

* Dimension Fusion *

* Monster Reborn *

* Premature Burial *

* Heavy Storm *

* Giant Trunade *





*Deck Total* *40*




* Please Rate, Fix and Comment *[/align]

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Cards that you can't use if you draw them (i.e. can only be activated by Diamond Dude) are bad, especially given DDT's insane draw power.


-2 Mega Ton Magical Cannon

-2 Des Croaking

-1 Ojama Delta Hurricane!!


Unlike Trade-In, Allure of Darkness, and Destiny Draw, Magical Mallet is a -1 that returns your cards to the deck instead of putting them in the graveyard/RFP where they can be useful.


-3 Magical Mallet


A big part of the "Turbo" part of "Diamond Dude Turbo" comes from using Reasoning and Monster Gate to dump spells in the grave while getting out the monsters needed.


+1 Monster Gate

+3 Reasoning


Again, remember the "Turbo" part. Newdoria and Fear Monger are much too slow, and with Reasoning and Monster Gate brining them out face-up, you'd need a very unskilled opponent for their effects to work.


-2 Newdoria

-2 Fear Monger


As a rule of thumb, traps are not good in DDT. Even Mirror Force is bad. Royal Decree is bad despite the absence of other traps, especially given the speed issue and the need for Heavy Storm and Giant Trunade, which is why a much better trap negator (who is also Allure-able) is used.


-2 Royal Decree

+1 Jinzo


DDT's win condition is its RFP combo (which I know you're using due to the presence of Phoenix Blade and Dimension Fusion), and with the nigh concentration of spells, this guy (who is also Allure-able) is staple.


+1 D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master


Remember when I mentioned that Heavy Storm and Giant Trunade are necessary? Well, I was telling the truth. They are.


+1 Heavy Storm

+1 Giant Trunade


Here's something else that's basically a DDT staple due to its effect-copying effect AND removal effect:


+1 Phantom of Chaos


A single Vortex is a bit low for DDT, so:


+1 Lightning Vortex


Finally, to get the deck up to 40 cards, a tech that I see a lot of the time (and which Grav says he invented):


+1 E-Emergency Call


Yes, it only has one target, which is usually bad. However, this is offset by the necessity of getting Stratos out quickly. If you already have Stratos out, you're likely to mill this with Reasoning/Monster Gate to the graveyard anyhow, from which you won't retrieve it with DMoC/MSE.

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