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Hyrule Weekly. Hireing staff.

Mew 101

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This is the area for the newspaper for my club, Hyrule Weekly. It is a new's paper about Zelda. We will only be posting artical's.



:: Staff ::


Owner: Dark Link!!!!!! The owner can do as he muct for the good of Hyrule & Hyrule Weekly.


Co-Owner: VladAshram The Co-Owner can help the owner or take's the owner's place when the owner is not here.


Super Mod: The Super Mod look's for people Spaming, Flaming, posting stuff that's NOT about the new's paper & report's it.


Mod: The Mod can help the super mod or take his place when he isn't here.


Typer: The Typer type's the artical & PM's it to the editor.


Editor: The Editor corect's the mistack's the typer made & then PM's it to me for a final exam befor it get's Posted.


If you want to apaly for a job, fill out this form.


* Are needed




*Job You Want:

Why you want this job:

*Skill's you have for the job:

Prof that you have the stated skill's:

*How you would Help Hyrule Weekly:

Who, if anyone, recomended you:


:: Heart System ::

Whenever someone make's a major benifit to Hyrule Weekly, they get 1/4 a heart. Every time you get a heart, you get 3 point's. You can only get a total of 20 Heart's. . = 1/4 Heart : = 1/2 Heart :. = 3/4 Heart * = 1 Heart.


:: Heart's ::

Dark Link ********************

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Age: 34

*Job You Want:article finder/researcher if i can, if not then super mod

Why you want this job:I am a big zelda fan and i always try to find new info

*Skill's you have for the job:i have many of the games and i have a stratagey guides to them which i constantly read for the fun of it and i read the zelda manga and watch the show

Prof that you have the stated skill's: there is no proof other than my word

*How you would Help Hyrule Weekly:I would constantly contribute new info to the paper along with interviews of some zelda fans online

Who, if anyone, recomended you:nobody did

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