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Plz rate my new samurai cards


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i don't own the rt work i only use them as means to improve the overall quality of my work. i do not claim ownership of them.




Effect: When summoned you can summon one "Samurai Seargentl" from your deck and play it on the field, and for eery samurai you summon this card can ATK twcie per turn. When this card is special summoned from the graveyard choose a monsters stars times 800 and that will be this cards ATK and DEF.

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yes you could get a better pic

and the OCG is bad

and there's another problem with your card:

It doesn't say anything about the ATK and DEF of it when it's Normal Summoned

also the part for the ATK when it's Special Summoned is pretty confusing to me

but it's your first post so I won't rate you bad

keep working:)

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