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I'm new here...


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Hi, my name is timboy45. I would love to make "Yu-Gi-Oh!" trading cards of my own. That's the main reason I joined http://yugiohcardmaker.net

I'm trying to post the image of my card on a topic so I can get people to rate it. I pressed on the Yu-Gi-Oh card and pressed Copy Image. Then I went to post a topic, and I was unable to Paste. How do you post the made-up Yu-Gi-Oh cards on a topic, reply, signature, etc.?

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Okay, you add your Attachment, or you can do it the Civil way:


1.First, go to www.tinypic.com

2.Now, upload your card.

3.Click Upload

4.Now there should be a bar that says IMG Code:

5. Copy that IMG Code:

6. Paste it into your topic! Your Finished!

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pick your picture from the internet save it on your computer and go to yugi oh card maker and press upload then a small booxe will come on the screen on it press browse and find your picture and open it then in the box press upload then it will come up on the yu gi oh card maker then press upload and then write all you information on the card then press generate then the picture will come up.


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