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>>>zachy_syko's ani-card shop<<< "trial run"


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This is called a "trial run" for a reason. I'm going to be running an animated card shop to see if this is worth it or not. Basically give me any one of your cards with all details filled out on it. But in proper OCG ok! If not I won't animate it! (It'd be a waste of time!). You also have to have the GIF file you want to use for the animation which I would recommend be no smaller than 244 x 248 in dimension. If its a video you want I may still be able to help if I own that video. I've got tons of movies and anime to choose from (I'll put up a list if anyone's interested).


Look at my sig for a sample. Now imagine that but much better quality. That's what you'd be getting!


Now since this is just a "trial run" I'm taking the first five cards which meet the OCG criteria. For the "trial run" no cost will be incurred, either! Free animations, you beauty! Hope ta see what you guys want!



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Just because a card has bad OCG it shouldn't mean that youre not going to animate it. Thats hardly fair.


I'm just talking about the trial run. No offence directed to anyone but it'd be a waste of a trial run if I had to animate some really lame card. I see where you're coming from but try to look at it from my perspective - lame card = lame reputation for my shop.

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