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Booster Pack request


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dont triple post' date=' only double post, thats wot i do ;), anyways, i cant make boosters but im sure someone will make one for you



OMFG. DONT DOUBLE POST OR TRIPLE POST. G4v5 i'm neg repping you. tomjigger didnt know and you go off giving him advice thatl get him tonnes of negs.

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Take it easy. Take it easy. It's usually fine to double post in some conditions:

- Bumping your own thread AFTER IT'S PAST THE FIRST PAGE OR HAS BEEN IGNORED FOR TOO LONG. Bumping every hour will most likely get it locked. If people still ignore it after a bump, try to actually improve whatever it's about.

- Double post with some kind of update. It's annoying that people bump after a while just because they want attention.

- On cases of shops, if people is not cooperating, improve the reward.


But that's on other forums. If this one is more strict at this, then you're probably kind of screwed up.


Another way to double, triple, tetra or multiposting without actually posting is a method I like to call Reposting. Delete your last reply and post again, but try to do it only under the circunstances that were already mentioned, as bumping a lot a thread that people doesn't really like will most likely annoy everyone.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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