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Crystal Beast

The Ruby

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Rainbow Dragon x1

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle x2

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat x3

Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle x3

Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger x2

Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth x2

Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle x3

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus x1

Hamon, Lord Of Striking Thunder x1

Uria, Lord Of Searing Flames x1




Crystal Promise x1

Crystal Blessing x3

Crystal Beacon x2

Crystal Abundance x1

Field Barrier x1

Convulsion Of Nature x1

Different Dimension Capsule x1




Crystal Raigeki x2

Gem Flash Energy x3

Crystal Pair x1

Triggered Summon x1

Hard-sellin' Zombie x1

Hard-sellin' Goblin x1

Robbin' Goblin x1

Rainbow Life x1

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Another Rainbow Dragon deck with 1 Pegasus + 2 Beacon? Is there an epidemic of failure here? Max them both.


Field Barrier is an awesome card in a deck with no Field Spells and that relies on filling the s/t zone.


Random Convulsion is random, and is extra-bad due to being Continuous.


The only traps you should be using with Gem Beasts are MF and Torrential. Continuous Traps in particular are terrible.


Different Dimension Capsule is random, and bad due to being Continuous.


Hamon goes completely against the goal of a Gem Beast deck.


Rainbow Dragon is a situational beatstick and forces you to run bad cards. Remove.


Don't use Cobalt Eagle or Emerald Tortoise. Run Amethyst Cat if and only if you also run Rescue Cat. Summon Priest is an excellent card. Rainbow Ruins is an excellent card.

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wat do u mean dont use colbolt eagle or emerald tortoise u need them 2 summon the rainbow dragon!!!!!!!!!


That's why I said to scrap Rainbow Dragon too. Didn't you notice that?


i think ur deck is good just take out the lord cards and continuos traps n it will b great as i run the same deck



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Rainbow Dragon is not a good card. It is a dead draw unless specific requirements have been filled, and even then it's nothing more than a beatstick unless you can get it to survive for a full turn. In all likelihood, it won't survive for a full turn, since it has no built-in protection from removal.


Good Gem Beast decks use Crystal Abundance as the win condition, since Abundance single-handedly nukes the entire field and allows mass Special Summons for an instant win.


My advice is good. Listen to it.

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Actually my deck works really well for me...I actually havent lost a duel with this new deck, except once with my other Six Samurai deck ^_^ I have been able to summon rainbow dragon on more than one occasion...also its not the point of the deck theme, for me i just run with power. I also summon the lords simultaneously on more duels than the times that i didnt and (besides the six samurai duel) i've been winning nonstop ^_^

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You're able to summon Uria and Hamon simultaneously more than half the time? And with only 6 Continuous Traps? Play against better opponents. That is all.


Rainbow Dragon's power comes at the price of requiring the use of cards like Cobalt Eagle and Emerald Tortoise, and the only benefit that it brings is raw ATK, which isn't very useful nowadays.


Also, why is this a Traditional deck? You have no banned cards.

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