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Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker: The Complete Guide


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welcome to my guide of the YCMF (yugioh card maker forums)

below are the content.



About The YCM

well, the YCM is

a place where people can get along by talking in the forums, or making cards. you may then post the cards so people can comment, complaint, judge and rate your cards. there is also reputation points, these are the best things you can get in forum. you may also use points to buy things and trade with.



Forum Talk

here there are different user settings such as avatar, signature and of course, SPAM! these are shortcut sayings for the forum, kind of like MSN talk!


signature: sig

avatar (picture): avi / pic

stupid pointless annoying messages: spam

reputation points: rep(s)

points: pts

Yugioh Card Maker: YCM





click here

to learn about the reputation system, and what it is.





there is no other tutorial for this so I will show you.

points are digits under your title. every post you submit gets you 1 point.

every thread you post is 10 (or maybe 5) points.

these can be used for buying things in the shop forum, or trading with.

if you are buying something from a shop, you can donate the amount of points required to buy the item by click the link that says [donate] under where it says points: and then however many points they have. submit how many points to give them and click enter.

also, you will know if someone donates you points, it will be in your private message inbox.





click here


to find out what this mysterious creature is.




How To Be Respectful

being respectful on the forums gets you rep points (reputation points).

then you will be more popular and have more friends.


1. respect moderators and administrators (YCMaker, God Kaze, Tkill, Dj-Osiris, Elemental Hero Remix, Jerryfreelance, Sushi, The Slime Lord, Crab Helmet.)

2. say THX to someone if they be good to you (they will know what it means)

3. if you dont have anything good to say, dont say it AT ALL!



How to Make A Card

click here

to figure out how!


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Nice guide however;




Both have left, change it to the new updated list;


YCMaker, God Kaze, Tkill, Dj-Osiris, Elemental Hero Remix, Jerryfreelance, Sushi, The Slime Lord, Crab Helmet.





It could do with some more Formal approach about it, but good effort making it non-the-less.

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