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A poem of Sorrow

Careless Whisper

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[align=center]I have no purpose anymore.

Everything is gone from my grasp.

No more shall I see happiness.

No more will I last.


My future is now clear to me.

Like crystal water in the spring.

My Sorrow will drive me deeper.

Into the abyss, as my life gives it's last ring.


My heart is forever lost.

My soul is gone forever.

My sorrow is only the beginning.

As I encounter this painfull endeavor.


No more hope for tears.

My eyes are already dry.

Though some will miss my existance.

Others will watch me die.[/align]

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What's your problem HORUS...Do you not like poetry or something? Well here's a thing' date=' if you don't like it, then ignore it.



I quite enjoy poetry.


I do not, however, enjoy your 'poetry'.


Poetry is a form of art.


Your writing is no art.

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