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I've apparently offended a member so lock or dealete this post


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most likly however the people who have the best pokesplices would be ask to work in the last ones shop

(Kinda like a club that is recruting members to be in a shop)

(though this is somthing I would expect from my one of my enemies lol)

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WHAT DO U THINK U ARE DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


why are you stealing the name from my club u are gonna get 2 neg reps and reported!!!


what I'm not stealing the name of your club and if a'm I'm sorry give me a warning before giving my neg reps man not cool I'll take down this post imeadlitly if it bugs you so much

I WON'T REVENGE REP YOU (even though I should) take away your neg reps Or'll I"ll make pay (not men't as A threat it more like A promise)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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