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Awesome new card

Dragon God

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The title should be "Wielder of Lightning" and there should be a space between "field." and "During". Otherwise no grammar errors that I can see. It is a little underpowered for an 8-star monster. You should either slightly increase it's ATK and DEF, or drop it down to Level 7, or even Level 6.


overall - 12.22/13.69 ^_^

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i love the pic..but im new so ive never seen it b4...

8/10 on the pic but i think it should be cropped more to focus on the dragon...

3/10 effect...cant be destroyed with a blue thunder token on the field? = broken and piercing? = meh.


it would work great with thunder dragon and blue 45...


id like to see him have kind of a SNIPE hunter effect where he could pitch "thunder dragons" from the hand to pop cards. THAT WOULD BE HAWT. AND "be destroyed" is too broken with those blue thunder t45 tokens out there...you should pick a destruction method or two and make him immune (ie battle ONLY; S/T targeting ONLY)...in addition you should have to tribute a light or thunder type monster to get him out.


now weve got a thunder theme deck thats cool.

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