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New deck underway .. ALL PICS FROM DEVEANT ART.


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well. I was thinking of deck ideas and the idea of "Machines" cought my eye when I was brousing on Vids.. (YOUtUBE)

so here are some of the current cads..


I had some help from (Liverpool Rule) for this.





the "Mind over matter is my faveroute.. I KNOW THERE IS OCG ERRORS!!


my badd.

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some of the pics are great like laser guided destroyer droid

but i would never use that six star normal piece of uselessness...at least make him as strong as frostosaurus...duh


name 10/10

art 10/10

effect/caption 0/10


your card engine breakdown has a great name and pic too but the effect is SO underpowered...i would never play it. first of all machines are not big right now...second of all id change the effect to some thing more powerful like "negate the effects of all face up machines" or "machines over 1800 cannot attack" or something less boring than 200 atk boost...that has got to be the weakest field spell ever...the card is about as bad as stim-pak



name engine breakdown 10/10

picture 8/10

effect 1/10

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