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CG IDEA: Silver Setiverse (what could be missing?)

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Imagine a vast universe to be explore in the realm of cards. Infantry, Spaceships, and Equips to go with those cards.

Eventually, other cards will appear in those sets, defined by the duelists in an attempt to create their own sets and challenges.

Where will you go with this card game idea?


Link to POLL: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/299783-setiverse-evaluation-site-posted/#entry6177088


Card Layouts:



Looking for about 3 in each class at the least for the first set.




Picture: may as well make a card with the specs below.

Class(divided into sizes in order): Fighter/Bomber/Interceptor, Light/Medium/Heavy Gunship, Normal/Assault/Raider Frigate, Small/Medium/Large Cruiser, Light/Medium/Heavy Battleship, Small/Medium/Large Carrier, Normal/Eite(limit 1 per deck) Capitol ship, Normal/Eite(limit 1 per deck) Assault Ship, Titan, Leviathan, Death Star, Doomship(limit 3 per deck).

Hits: how much damage this can take. Shields are first, though. A set value.

Shields: Also a capacity stat, but this one recharges each turn.

Energy: Used for special techniques and such generally. Recharges with each turn.

Lifesupport: Each infantry normally takes 3 units per turn. DONT let this run out(usually...)!

Attack: Each 'gunnery' infantry in this ship grants this value.

Defense: Each 'armory' infantry in this ship grants this value.

Special: Each 'support' infantry in this ship grants this value.

Motion: Each 'piloting' infantry in this ship grants this value.

Cargo Space: How many generic resource points this begins with, and allows 'resource' cards later on.

Add-ons: How many equips this ship can accommodate at max.

Crewspace: How many 'infantry' this spaceship can accommodate.

Specials: Explain the special qualities of this ship, including any requirements and abilities and such.

Activate: What you need for this ship to be classed as 'active'.






Picture: may as well make a card with the specs below.


Leader - Main support unit, deals with co-op and development elements, mainly.

Pilot - Used to up the motion on spaceships.

Engineer - used primarily for maintenance situations on spaceships.

Medic - Generally heals infantry, also good in support and tactical elements, especially 'conditions'.

Scientist - Deals mainly with 'information' and training based aspects.

Soldier - If your going to deal with breaching or planets, get these, otherwise, ignore them.

Weaponist - Boosts the attack value of ships by the default, generally.

Armorer - Boosts the defense value of ships by the default, generally.

Supporter - Boosts the special value of ships by the default, generally.

Specialist - Provides for roles not stated with other classes generally.

Agents - Deals with mainly diplomacy, security, and espionage aspects.

Rank: Beginner, Intermediate, Trainee, Average, Veteran, Professional, Guru, Master, and Legend.

Hits: Damage the unit can take.

Stam: Special ability guage, regens.

Atk: strike value.

Def: damage reduction value.

Motion: fairly explanatory.

Specials: Mainly requirements, effects, and abilities.






Picture: may as well make a card with the specs below.

Focus: The focus is the aspect where it's applied with it's composition.

For 'infantry' just choose an external body part(limit 1 per infantry) or use accessory(limit 3 per infantry).

for spaceships, choose a intuitive system based on spaceship parts, but know it should take 3-15 turns to develop, generally.

Power Rating: This is the values used with the equip. Your allowed one set and capacity value. All 'value' calculations are based on the power rating.

Special: Name how this equip applies itself, along with any requirements/limitations.


How to Play:


Drawing And Playing Cards:


Everyone begins with one chosen ship. With a fully 'active' ship, you will be allowed to play another chosen ship, but the smallest size requires cruisers.

Then everyone draws 5 infantry and 10 equips from separate piles, always maintaining those numbers.

With each turn, you can play 1 infantry per ship, and unlimited equips pertaining to those ships and infantry.


Minimum card totals are 3 ships, 15 infantry, and at least a total of 35 cards.


Battle Mechanics:


Most battles only deal with ships, except in planetary and breaching situations.

To determine which units/ships go first, just look at the motion values involved, and that determines who goes first.

When involving spaceships, however, the smallest size class always goes first over the other classes.

On a tie, it always proceeds alphabetically by the name of the players, with them choosing the order.


Battles always involve attack and defense. Just compare the difference, but damage cannot be less than 5% of the total attack value.

Specials are calculated first, generally, applying to the pertaining attackers, but that's all to it.


When all the shuttles of a player are eliminated and/or captured, he looses.




Commons - there is always 5 commons in each set.

{ipsium common} - With an odds of 1:5 an ipsium rare will replace a common.


Crystal - there is always 2 diamond rares in each set.

{emerald crystal} - With an odds of 1:8 an emerald rare will replace a crystal.


Supernova - There is always 5 supernovas in every box.

Surge - Every SET 50th card is a surge rare.

Cosmic - Every SET 500th card is a cosmic rare.

Universal - Every SET 5000th card is a universal rare.


Custom - when a player wins a tournament, he can introduce 1 new kind of rarity into the cards as desired, or add a new card feature/type.

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This card game is ready for development now. Approval/denial of this card game comes later. For now, I am leaving the people to develop the cards they believe would best suit the first booster set.

I will do it in stages for each one, asking for a set number of card in such.


Step 1: Cruisers


I need at least 3 of each class of cruiser.

Here's the general specs for them, only considering stats -


Hits: I advise 5k to 15k here.

Shields: I advise 15k to 35k here.

Energy: I advise 15k to 35k here.

Lifesupport: I advise 300 to 500 here.

Attack: I advise 500-1500 here.

Defense: I advise 500-1500 here.

Special: I advise 500-1500 here.

Motion: I advise 500-1500 here.

Cargo Space: I advise 5-8 here.

Crew: I advise 5-8 here.

Add-ons: I advise 5-8 here.


Cruiser Equips:


I want at least 5 cruiser equips.

Cruiser equips power ratings should be 500-1500 for a set value, and up to 35k for capacities.

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Perhaps we need examples to come to any conclusions?

Note that this is only a demo card:




Here's an example. Say you have 2 'weaponist' infantry in this shuttle. Since the [a] is +600 that means 600*2 attack, or 1200 atk. Get it?

Also, in this case, you could only have 6 infantry in it at max, thus leaving 4 left.

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This looks amazing, a bit complex, but amazing none the less. I have read over the rules and how to play and I think I would enjoy playing it. The only thing is that I would need to see it being played in order to properly assess how to run the game. Although it looks amazing, it is slightly confusing.

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