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My Dragon Deck

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*3 Armed Dragon Lv3

*3 Armed Dragon Lv5

*2 Armed Dragon Lv7

*1 Armed Dragon Lv10

*1 Horus The Black Flame Dragon Lv6

*1 Horus The Black Flame Dragon Lv8

*3 Masked Dragon

*2 Man Eater Bug

*1 Neo-Spacian Grane Mole

*1 Sagan

*1 Wing Kuribow

*1 Wing Kuribow Lv10

*1 Snipe Hunter



*3 Level Up

*3 Level Modulation

*1 The Gravyard In The Forth Dimension

*1 Dragon Mirror

*1 Scapegoat

*1 Swords Of Revealing Light

*1Transcendent Wings

*1 Monster Reborn

*1 Smashing Ground

*1 Nobleman Of Crossout

*1 Heavy Storm

*1 Myistical Space Typhoon



*1 Draining Shield

*1 Sakuretsu Armor

*1 Negate Attack

*1 Radiant Mirror Force

*1 Shadow Spell

*1 Dust Tornado



*1 Five-Headed Dragon

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Combining two level monsters in one deck is BAD. Stick with one first.


Armed Dragon Lvl 7 and Lvl 10 are BAD.


Anything that is Level monster support is BAD. With the exception of Level Up!, and I am pushing it.


Winged Kuriboh stuff has no right to exist here. Take them all out. Man-Eater Bug deserves the same fate.


Your trap line-up is BAD. No TT, nor Mirror Force.


This deck is bad, and deserves to be reworked out.

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