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Nice tutorial. It's not bad. Though this isn't too hard to do. Also' date=' maybe make a ZIP file with the "/ Gemini ']" section by itself (and the same for the others)?


I don't understand what your trying to say on your fourth sentence, mind elaborating a little? Thanks for the comments btw. {Glad something I did because I was bored is helping people. ^^}

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There is an easier way to do that without having the obvious problem of the orange line' date=' but as for Kizzi he is saying make a Gemini base along with other types that don't include "Effect" like Union and Toon and put them into a ZIP file for others to download.



O, I see, I'll make that file in a second. And yes I know there are easier methods to do this, this is just a tut I made in a few minutes because I was bored, and also since everyone has MS Paint it's for everyone. XD

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