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Dragon Warlord - the amazing new dragon that is possibly overpowered


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not overpowered at all!

effect: hard to read and long, but really good! no OCG errors that ican see, good effect, you could use well... hmmmm. ..10/10!

power: do i really have to say it? 10/10!

pic: er....nice! the holoing is done well, did u do it? anyway.... er... OMFGZOMGOMOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMZOMGZOMFG! 10/10!!!!!

overall: 30/30 =D awesome! the first person to get full marks!

personally i would have made it a LIGHT monster, but there u go..

congrats anyway!

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haha. you like my title?



anyway here is my newest card' date=' just made last night.


i do not claim ownership of the artwork of the card.


here it is... please rate/fix




lame effect, the effect of king of demise is so much easier and less cost effective to activate plus you can attack with king of demise and he requires less tributes and they don't even need to be on the field. the pic looks a little fake also but holos pretty good. -2 for effect doubt anyone would dedicate a deck around this card and -1 for picture it could be a lot better. But on a positive note good OCG and grammar. 7/10

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i found it off of deviantART.


i know the effect is costly' date=' but if you could blow everything up and attack directly, it would be really overpowered.



So demise is overpowered then.


Fake was a bad choice of words, but it does leave one to desire more.

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I actually think the pic looks better without the holo, but maybe it's just me. :P


Otherwise, it is a very nice card. I think it might even be a little underpowered. Perhaps you could reduce the cost to discarding 3 cards, but I could be wrong (I usually get corrected when I suggest powered-ness changes :P).


overall - 11.59/13.69 ^_^

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