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yugi and the 7 Millenium items


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Today i made yugi and the 7 millenium items

Enjoy Millenium world




Lore:During your Draw Phase, before you Draw a card: you can add 1 Character-Type monster from your Deck to your Hand, instead of Drawing a card. while this card is Face-up on the field, you do not need to tribute monsters to Normal Summon Level 5 or higher Normal Character-Type Monsters, if you control a Face-Up Normal Character-Type monster. your opponent cannot activate Effect Monsters effect and all face-up monsters your opponent controls have their effect(s) Negated. this card can only activate and resolve its effects if it is Equipped with '' Millenium item - Millenium puzzle''.





Lore:When this card is Normal Summoned: add '' Millenium item - Millenium puzzle'' from your Deck to your hand. During your Draw Phase, after you draw a card: you can return the drawn card to the bottom of your Deck;Drawn an additional card. this card's Effect can only be activated twice per duel.


Millenium Items




Lore:When "Millenium Item - Millenium Puzzle","Millenium Item - Millenium Ring","Millenium Item - Millenium Eye","Millenium Item - Millenium Rod","Millenium Item - Millenium Scales","Millenium Item - Millenium Key" and "Millenium Item - Millenium Necklace" are in the Graveyard, You win the Duel.





Lore:Destroy all Dark Monsters on the Field.




Lore:Release 1 Millenium Item card from your deck.




Lore:Destroy all face-down cards your opponent controls.




Lore:Every Turn: you can take control with 2 monster your opponent controls.




Lore:Activate only when you Don't control any monster, Release 5 monster cards from your Graveyard.




Lore:Exchange 2 Monster cards from your opponent.




Lore:Release 2 monster cards from your Deck.


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The stats on your monster cards are okay. I would just watch out to make sure effects are not overpowered, which I think most of your Millennium Items are. There's usually at least a drawback to using cards with such large effects, or maybe a high cost or a cool-down period between uses of the effect. The effect for "Millennium Items Complete" reminds me of Exodia's auto-win effect.


I would be cautious of redundancies in thinks like card names. I don't think you need "Millennium Item" in all of their names, because the item name also contains the word "Millennium." Including that phrase simply adds more text and shrinks your text size, making them harder to read.


I also would advise including an Established Archetype to go with your custom subtype, so other cards can also be used with yours.

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Okay, all of the Millennium Items need a redo. First of all, they're all stated as being Normal Spells when some of them have effects that would imply they're Continuous, i.e. Millennium Rod. And that's not even getting into the fact that you use terms that no one knows the meaning of. Seriously, what does "release" mean? Throw it into a stream and release it into the wild? As for the Characters, the only issue I have with them is in Yami's effect text: it says that he can only activate and resolve his effects when he's equipped with the Millennium Puzzle. Except that you CAN'T equip him with the Millennium Puzzle because it says it's a Normal Spell. And even if it did say it was an Equip Spell, it's effect isn't possible for an Equip Spell. I could let it slide because this section does seem to have slightly looser rules than the other sections, but when there are this many glaring mistakes in the cards, I'm pretty sure no one could overlook them.

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