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This is a fan-fic of a new card game called Monster Zone I'll make a Rp too so incase you get intrested.The Rules are Simple.


1-5 no sacrafise

6-7 2 sacrafise

8-9 3 sacrafise

10-12 4 sacrafise

You can only summon up to 6 monsters on field and 7 spells & Traps.

1 monster at a turn

Spell and Trap Unlimited per turn.

Please enjoy.



Seth Murillo

Hairstyle:Black short Mohawk and spikes

Clothes:White Shirt with open Black SOUTH POLE Sweater

Deck:Toon Deck

Best Card:Toon Tyrano Dragon

Spirit monster:Toon Wing Kuriboh


V-Dome is short for Virtural Dome.


Chapter one

Begining Rivral already


Seth:Ohh I cant wait till the V-Dome is open.


As Seth saw the huge building .


The Mayor:I now open this building.


Everything is quiet very quiet.


Random Guy:WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Everybody thought it was wierd.


The Mayor:You may come in!!!


Everybody went inside.


A guy named Chris:Hey who wants to versus me in the V-Dome.


Seth:Sure i will.


Chris:Alright a challenger.


Seth:Okay lets go.


As they went inside the V-Dome this was the first match.Seth put his Toon Deck in his Deck box.Chris put his deck in his deck box.All of sudden 1 screen appeared on Seth's side his cards showed.So did on Chris side.

Then five cards showed on his side put he cant see Chris cards.


Seth:I draw!


A card appeared on his screen.


Seth:Okay first is first.I activate Toon Land.

Toon Land (Spell Continuous)

you may summon any Toon monster.


Seth:Okay i summon Toon Fire Fox.in Defense mode


All of sudden in the middle of the V-Dome Toon Fox Fire Appeared.

on Chris side he saw Fox fire on the right screen to see what it does.

then on the top of Fox fire card it said 1700 Attack and 1900 Defense.


Chris:Okay my turn I summon Senkro Ice Warrior in attack mode.


Senkro ATK:2000 Def:1500




What will happen to be continued.....


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Chapter two

The first lost or win in the V_D


Seth:i guess I continue first is i put down one face-down card and summon TOON Mokey.


Toon Mokey: Type Toon ATK 1200 Def 1000


Seth: Okay first is first. I activate "Toon Vision" to my Toon fire Fox.

Fire Fox attack with fire ball.


Fire Fox Atk 1700->Atk 2100

"Toon Vision" give to a toon monster it gians 400 atak each time a toon monster is summoned. Chris lost 200 LP(Life Points) then fire fox striked Senkro with a fire ball and it desstroyed.


Chris:So i have a advantage to win.Now my turn i summon water spirit.

And put one face-down card and end my turn.


Water Spirit Type/Water Atk/0 DEF/2000


Seth:My turn. Okay i summon another Toon Mokey now Fox Fire attack with swipe tackle.Now Mokey's attack with takedown.


Chris lost his water spirit and lost 2400 LP and only has 1400.


Seth: Okay now i activate my face-down Toon Double and you loose an extra 2400 and I win Chris(Rival).


Chris: lucky win now here i have this card i have no use of it .


Then all of Sudden Seth got a win on his data card ang got Toon Kuriboh.


Chris: Here you own it. It doesn't mean i never lose to you.


Then Chris left and Seth was so concetrated on his new card.


Seth:I hope i can get more toon monsters.


Seth got out of the V-dome and went to the shop.


To Be Continued....

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Chapter Three: Card Shop Duel?


Seth got out of the V-dome and headed to the Card Shop. As he turn and saw the V-D he thought of his next challenger.As he past the hall he heard people talking he won the first match.


Seth: Ahh so this must be the Card shop.

As Seth went in he saw Chris buying one complete Dragon Deck.

Seth:Chris? Why are you changing your deck so soon.


Chris: I hated these cards since my dad gave them to me.

As Chris threw out his deck.

Chris:I've decided to make myself a dragon deck.


Seth: Well okay.

As Seth saw the cards in the garbage as Chris left.

Card Keeper,Emily:May I get you something Seth?


Seth:Yes i like two packs of Toon Palace.

Emily:Here you go that would be 4 bucks,thank you.

Seth gave Emily the money and went to the sign-up counter.


Mayor:Hey Seth saw your battle here you may have an extra Toon Palace Pack. And you get to have your own bed roon iff you stay.

Seth:Sure i willl.


The Mayor gave him the key room.Then seth went to his room.

Seth closed his door.Seth open his new packs and got 38 new toon cards and 2 he already has. Seth made a second deck and tried to check it out at the card shop to see if it is good.


Emily:Well tell me but that deck is good.

Seth:Wow thanks i really want to check it out.



???:Hey watch it!

Seth:Oh sorry.

???: Well I need two new packs of dragon and i got now money so how about a card Shop duel?


Seth:What is that?

???:Well who ever wins get to get to have to packs and the loser pays for it.

Seth:Sure alright.


???:My name is Ruby. Getready at the V-D


Ruby and Seth went to the V-D and put everything organized for the duel.


Ruby:I go first.Okay first is first i summon Decroy Dragon lv.4 in attack mode.And put one face-down card and my turn.


Decroy Dragon lv.4 Type/fire ATK/1900 DEF/1800


Seth:My turn.I ativate my spell Toon Land.Then i summon Toon Magican in defense mode and put one face-down card and end my turn.


Toon Magican Type/Toon Atk/1500 DEF/1800


To be continued ..........

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I understand you bump your fanfic after a couple of days but between post 12 and 13 there hasn't been even 24 hours.


I do not really feel attracted to this fanfic. It reminds me to much of a fanfic that has almost the same title, but is so much better, Battle Zone. Some of the cards of Toons are good, I have to admit, but you could surely do with some more detail in your fic.

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