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Splicers HQ : Training camp


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I'm makeing a club that's kinda like a training camp i'll exsept one student every 6 days. The best student's will be offered a place in "the last one's" poke splice shop. I'll train you how to make pokesplices and reculors

to apply all you have to do is leave your user name and the number of splices you have made if any.



as of now the current slot for student is: closed


1.ferroboy720 : Rank 2 :asinged to Ruby_carbuncle002

2.Dejhad : rank 2 : asinged to the last one

3.victorydragon : rank 2 : asigned to OCG

4. Shadow Avian :rank 1 : asigned to Buffer (you're so lucky!)




1.don't spam

2.no cursing

3.if the position of student is closed do not post asking to be a student

4.the first person to post there name and number of splices made (if any) when the postion of student is open will be the new student

5.do not ask to be be next weeks student

6.if postion of student is closed do not post here unless you are the student

7.if you have posted here when the postion of student is closed and you are not the student plz dealete your post thanks


Student ranks



1.New student


3.medium student

4.Great student and splicer



how to rank up:

The person assigned to you desides when you rank up


Now you may join as a camp counselor (this is for former students and people who need help with there splicers)

you will help students with there splices.

leave your name number of splices made and best splice

(if you are student of this training camp you may not join)

(you must be a semi good splicer to join)


Now for the camp counselor ranks



Good splicer

great splicer

perfect splicer

God of spliceing


camp counselors:

Ruby_carbucle002:Rank 3 (Former student)

The last one:rank 2 (Good friend)

OCG:Rank 2 (good friend)



How to rank up:

Post good splices

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okay now is the time for me to be a critic lets start with croadon not bad for you're first splice however I would have done the oppisite when you try and fuse a small poke mon with a big pokemon try and do both versions and see witch is better try shade a little better and theyr a few peces cut off like the back part of croadon left foot and the coulering is a little bad but overall not that bad.

now witch two poke mon did you fuse Ainkar with?

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buffer you forgot Dejhad


no I didn't I only exsept one studen't a week to train

however I'm exsepting people who know how to splice but arn't that great as members of my club

and read the rules last one don't post here unless your'e the student or sining up as a member of the club

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Sorry for intruding... but buffer that splice is to wide... take of the suicune part and that little golden orb...


fyi I really don't care what you think It was just somthing I did for fun. somthing to show My student. (I did with no effert at all)

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