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Me Card (Literally)

Luna Diviner

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Here is my newest card.



Once per turn, by paying 500 Life Points you can Special Summon 1 "Dream Token" (Fiend-Type/DARK/Level 2/ATK 200/DEF 200) in Defense Position. These tokens can only be used as a Tribute for a DARK monster. When there are 4 "Dream Tokens" on the field you can Tribute this card to destroy all Level 4 or higher monsters on the field. Your opponet takes 300 damage for every card destroyed by this cards effect.


The character looks nothing like me but yet I feel it captures a sense of "Rahim" in it, by that I mean the face the choice of colour its just so me.

I even have it as mah avatar.

Image by wolfbeserked.

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