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Something completly random...


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Okay, so I'm playing Halo 2 multiplayer by myself yesterday. No system link or live connection. I'm running around collossus, and I decide to try to get my plasmas to blow up in the bottomless pit. I finally got bored and turned around just in time to see something go up the grav lift.


For a second I think I'm tired and seeing things so I pull out my scope. Sure enough, I see that something is moving up on the ledge, and I mean moving. By the time I hopped up with the lift, all I could see was a white blip on my MS, thats right, white!


At this point I'm freaked out. So I start casing it. I ran through every corner of the level after this thing.


Finally, I come down to the bottom level and see a white and red spartan with no name... So I crouch down and decide to go for a sneak attack. Suddenly, it turns around without any animation and sticks me.


My game said I commited scuicide but didn't give me any penelty. For the next hour or so I was trying to kill this gliding bastard with no success. His only animation was for jumping. I eventually got him to fall into the bottomless pit and die.


I felt accomplished... and yet curious... what the hell was this nameless spartan? Why would he chase me relentlessly, then begin to hide and run? And most importantly, why was he white on my radar?

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Okay, well, from what I gather, I ran into a ghost: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Ghost_of_Lockout


Basically, they're nigh-immortal demi-god glitches. From my experiance, mine seemed to have a mix of the Elite AI and Jackle AI. It made no sound when moving, jumping, or anything. It possed no weapon, but had a seemingly infinate supply of Plasma grenade and Frag Grenades which it could throw with pinpoint acuracy. Also, any crates in ran by instantly exploded, and in could Float in place while on the convayer belts.


It was a Spartan Modle with elite hands(maybe, I remember they were wiered and not normal Spartan...), Primary color white, Secondary Crimson(Not sure, Collossus has a tendancy to screw up secondary with its lighting...) it had no name, emblem, or score. Also, when it cilled me, I was counted as committing scuicide.


So what do you guys think? Should I go for a video?(If I can catch it again?) Show another attemp at my "Energy Sword/Shotgun Sneak Attack" Plan?(NOTE: plan was epic-fail.)


It didn't seem to have a shield, or atleast not a visable one, could jump insanely high, and proved to be impervious to the following weapon:




Battle Rifle

Energy Sword



Plasma Grenade

Frag Grenade

Melee attacks

Exploding Crates

Blute Shot


However, it will indeed die from a fall...

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why the hell wer u playing halo 2?


Because Halo 3 sucks?


Halo 3 is awesome! How could you say that!!!!!!!



Well, my major problem with Halo 3 is how it seems more "Newb" or possibly even "kid friendly." Rather than the dark, clostrofobic levels of Halo 2, Halo 3 has bright, cartoonily colored levels. To add to the element, everything seems weaker, especially the flood, who are now way to easy and less frightening for my taste. Also the Brutes look and act mentally retarded... granted they had the same problem in Halo 2.

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Thats because most HDTVs can't do total black too well. I hated the darkness. It kept Fing up my tv. I kept shooting moving shadows.


... damn, never thought of that. I don't have an HDTV, so my biggest problem was a framerate jiggle when loading fog.


But also, Cortana being made into a flat, cardboard cut-out of her former self, and freezing my screen every few seconds, didn't do much for the game either.


Also, Zombies>Infection...


The only thing I like about Halo 3 is Forge, but I never went online anyway.

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why the hell wer u playing halo 2?


Because Halo 3 sucks?




Indeed, an intelligent person to have a sensable conversation with.


Halo 2 Flood> Halo 3 Flood

Halo 2 Players> Halo 3 Players

Halo 2 Campaign> Halo 3 Campaign

Halo 2 Graphics> Halo 3 Graphics

Halo 2 Skulls> Halo 3 Skulls


Only thing Halo 3 inproved was Co-Op.

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