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Need Pics!!!

Gogeta Jr.

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Could some kind person please lend me a good pic for this card? This will be the text:


Name: The Eternal Pharaoh, Atem

Level: 9

Attribute: Light

Type: Spellcaster / Warrior / Effect

OCG: This card can only be summoned by the effect of the spell card, "Fate of a Boy". Once per 5 turns, you may bring this card back to your hand and replace it with "The Young Hero, Yugi". (To activate this effect, you must have the equip spell card, "Millenium Puzzle" attached to this card, and when this card is put in your hand due to its effect, equip "Millenium Puzzle" to your "The Young Hero, Yugi". You may, 5 turns after using this card's effect, replace your "The Young Hero, Yugi" and put your "The Young Hero, Yugi" into your hand.)

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Depends on the quality. If it's just plain dum, taken straight from the anime, & badly sized, I'll give you 1; BUT, if it's a beautiful, custom-made (suggested), perfectly- sized masterpiece, I'll give you all 8 that I have (once I figure out how to give ouit points, anyways... :D)!!!

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