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Rivers of Sorrow


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Hello, I am sorry for this, but this is my first time making anything. I hope there not total failers. Well here they are.


Tearless Angel

4 Stars, Fairy

Description:An Angel that has never been able to shead a single tear, even when he had lost so many friends on the battle feild.

Att: 1900 Def: 1000


Tears of a Tearless Angle

Spell, Ritual

Effect:When you play this, you must tribute a face up "Tearless Angel" from your side of the field. Then you may special summon one "Weaping Angle" from you hand to the field.


Weeping Angel

7 Stars, Fairy, Ritual

Effect: This card cannot be normal summoned or set, this card can only be summoned by the effect of "Tears of a Tearless Angle," And by sacrificing one "Tearless Angle" On you side of the field. When this card is special summoned, special summon up to 2 other cards with "Weeping" in there name from the graveyard in face up attack or deffence position.


Thats all I got so far for the ROS set, I will make more, but I want to know how the main cards are going so far.

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