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The son of judai and alexis! - Yugioh X Chronicles!

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This is a story about jaden and alexis' son, who is named Ryan Yuki, With his best friend, the son of jesse and blaire, Rhys anderson, as there adventures and many new friends at the northern duel academy will be unveiled.


Chapters so far...

Prolouge (underneath)



"Wow" Shouted the kids at the park.


"And that my friend, is game!" Boasted a boy will winking.


"Ohh man, you always beat me, its not fair!" The smaller boy.


"Haha, just cause' we're best friends doesn't give me an excuse to go easy on you!" Laughed the cocky kid.


There were a bunch of kids watching too buys who we're dueling each other for fun, one of them, was a brown-haired dueling enthusiast who resembled the dueling champion Jaden Yuki. The other was a short little boy who had light blue hair and was always quiet, the son of Jesse Anderson he was. They both went and sat on a bench, and Jesse's son, Rhys, Asked his best friend, Ryan, how his deck was so good.


"Well, I guess they have always just worked together with me as a team" He blushed while shrugging his shoulder. "Thing is, there dark monsters, which is why I don't understand that."


3 weeks later....


"Dad, It's here, my application to the northern duel academy!" Shouted Ryan to his father Jaden.


"Well, Thats pretty sweet, but why don't you go to the main duel academy like me?" asked Jaden


"You know why, Jesse went with you to that school, so I'm gonna go with Rhys to pay Jesse for it!" He snapped


"Now remember honey, if he wants to go there let him." Said Alexis.


"Okay dear" replied Jaden.

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Episode 1: The Northern Duel Academy Awaits!!


A man stood on his balcony looking into the ocean, with his long hair waving in the breeze, he sighed and sipped some of his wine, he then sat down on a chair and picked up some documents as he had to sort out who would be in what dorm.


(Chancellor) Ohh, who's this, the son of Jaden Yuki, and he won 2 junior championships and one national event, and that was when he was 14 and 13, why I would love to have this student here, but his test results tell me different.


(???) Hahahahahaha. Aren't you forgeting about the main branch, Jaden Yuki was the star duelist there and he was a drop out, remember, maybe he could come into my, uria red, dorm.


(Chancellor) Oh, its you Atticus, why do you always sneak up on me.


(Uria Dorm Leader Atticus) Because, I have no idea, and having my nephew in my dorm would be an honour, Chancellor Mair.


(Chancellor Mair) Ok, now who is this, ahh, the son of my old dorm room mate, Rhys Andersen, son of Jesse Andersen, His test results are amazing, but his best is losing to Ryan in the finals of the duelist nationals. I think he should go into..... Hamon Yellow!


A few weeks later.


A boat was speeding across the ocean and mach speeds. It was travelling to the N.D.A, with Ryan and Rhys on board, Ryan was looking at his deck so on his prep duel against his dorm he would win.


(Ryan) Don't worry guys, we will make it into this academy, and Rainbow, you will get a shot.


he gathered them up and slipped them into his deck holder which was clipped on his belt, he took a deep breath and put his hand through his hair and said lets do it, to himself, the boat then arrived at the island.


Him and Rhys ran to see the people who placed them in there dorm, they then found out they were in different dorms, Rhys wanted to be in the same as Ryan, but Ryan congratulated Rhys, and so they parted ways to go to there test teachers. He arrived at the arena as they called out the first name of the duelist.


(Announcer) No.1 Ryan Yuki to the arena.


(Ryan) Sweetness!


Then the teacher came up through the floor and into the arena.


(Ryan) UN...Unc...Uncle Atticus!!


(Atticus) Yep, now lets get onto this duel shall we.


(Ryan) Why are you here.


(Atticus) I lead the uria red dorm, now lets do this.


(Ryan) Okay, should be sweet dueling my uncle, get your game on.

*They place there decks in the duel disks they have on*



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