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Glad to help out with your Beasts!

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Guest Chaos Pudding

Monsters: 18


Level 5 and above: 1

1x Gladiator Beast Alexander


Level 4 and below: 17

3x Test Tiger

3x Gladiator Beast Murmillo

2x Gladiator Beast Bestiari

2x Gladiator Beast Laquari

2x Gladiator Beast Torax

1x Gladiator Beast Darius

1x Gladiator Beast Secutor

1x Gladiator Beast Hoplomus

1x Gladiator Beast Dimacari

1x Snipe Hunter


Spells: 15

3x Gladiator Proving Ground

2x Gladiator Beast's Battle Manica

2x Reasoning

2x Cold Wave

2x Gladiator Beast's Respite

1x Heavy Storm

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Giant Trunade

1x Monster Reborn


Traps: 7

3x Waboku

3x Defensive Tactics

1x Mirror Force


Fusion Deck: 12

3x Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz

3x Gladiator Beast Heraklinos

3x Gladiator Beast Kaiseris

3x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon


I haven't thought up a Side Deck yet.


Total: 40 (plus 12 Fusion)


This is my first attempt at an actual GladBeast deck, so be as harsh as you can be.

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Guest Chaos Pudding

Ew Spartacus/Octavius/Halberd/Reaper and lack of Cold Wave/Respite.


Man, I knew I was missing something...







+2 Cold Wave

+2 Gladiator Beast's Respite

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Guest Chaos Pudding





And how is 3 Waboku and 3 Defensive Tactics working for you?


I might just Side the Tiger out second game for a 3rd Respite. As for 3 Waboku and 3 Defensive Tactics: most of the time they spread themselves out nicely, but I sometimes have opening hands of 3 Waboku, 2 D-Tactics, and I draw into Heavy, or something like that. At least Waboku can stall for a bit until I draw into a GladBeast.

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