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HOLO SHEET!!! Reward of 20 points


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heres one...not relly a holo sheet but it works on paint...even though it didn't end up lookin like a holo... and when you paste it looks funny unless you only do on background...



yes i no very very bad pattern thats not really a holo sheet... well i made it on MS paint coz i don't have gimp or photobucket...

MEANWHILE i tried usin this holo sheet...or pattern and mine turned out like this:


Yes...i agree very very bad... well i tried...




well i just realised something... when i open it on paint, copy the pattern and paste on my card it works, when i copy the pattern from this it turns out incredibly terrible... if you no wat i mean..

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It might work :\

EDIT: I tried it. It didn't work.


DOUBLE EDIT: I made one that works! Only problem is, it doesn't look color-y. I'll try to fix that.

TRIPLE EDIT: I removed the two that didn't work. And... I created one that officially works in paint AND looks convincing!

I can has reward now plz?


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