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RedRecker's Naruto Set - Part 1


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Ok, so I've taken a suggestion from Faded to divide this huge set into 3 or 4 smaller ones. For this first part I'm going to have the heroes first. I've tried as best I could to divide these cards into sets that work with each other.


Rarest card in this part: Kyuubi Naruto - Four Tails



I do not own the artwork used for my cards. I only use them as a means of increasing the overall quality and effect of my work. I do not claim ownership of them.

























Uzumaki Naruto: credit to shel_yang (deviantart)

Haruno Sakura: credit of naruto-wallpaper.net (artist not given)

Aburame Shino: credit to zelos22 (deviantart)

Hyuga Hinata: credit to Ceruse (devantart)

Inuzuka Kiba: credit to v2_6 (deviantart)

Yamanaka Ino: credit to Linda9122 (deviantart)

Nara Shikamaru: credit to hyatt_ayanami (deviantart)

Akamichi Chouji: credit to Someone2040 (deviantart)

Gaara of the Desert: credit to Hiruka00 (deviantart)

Temari: credit to Jodimus (deviantart)

Rock Lee: credit to SnowSkadi (deviantart)

Tenten: credit to Sharingan_Girl (deviantart)

Hyuga Neji: credit to Bouss and shizune_mirage (deviantart)

Yuuhi Kurenai: credit to gorachi (deviantart)

Sarutobi Asuma: credit to v2_6 (deviantart)

Baki: picture from Anime

Mito Gai: picture from Anime

Umino Iruka: credit to starlight15 (deviantart)

Mitarashi Anko: credit to xxxkiri (deviantart)

Jiraya: credit to Xadril (deviantart)

Tsunade: credit to gorachi (deviantart)

Gamabunta: credit to Dyroness (deviantart)

Kitsuii: picture from Anime

Kiba - Juujin Bunshin: picture from Anime

Kyuubi Naruto: credit to soulbleeding (deviantart)

Rasengan: credit to Unadon (deviantart)

Byakugan: credit to Demon Slice (deviantart)

Sexy no Jutsu: picture from Anime

Demon Chakra: credit to ninjabrick (deviantart)

Kyuichose No Jutsu: picture from Anime

Food Pills: picture from Anime

Kunais: credit to oinross (deviantart)

Konoha Village: credit to kojimas (deviantart)

Drunken Fist Style:credit to LuigiL (deviantart)

Akamaru: credit to pattra (deviantart)

Genesis Rebirth: picture from Anime

Gentle Fist: credit to enzomars1 (deviantart)

1000 Years of Pain: picture from Anime

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: picture from Anime

Substitution Jutsu: picture from Anime

Exploding Tag: credit to kagenotsubasa (deviantart)

Kyuubi Naruto - Four Tails: credit to Uchiha1412Sasuke (deviantart)

Anti-Akatsuki Squad: credit to vashperado (deviantart)

Sai: credit to Batanga (deviantart)

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Ok, thanks for the advice, what pics in particular would you like to see changed? Is it the ones from the anime? or the acutal artwork ones? (which I prefer personally). Artwork for certain characters can be hard to find, as no-one draws pictures of them.

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Ok guys, if you're going to post comments like that I'd prefer you didn't bother. Ok, so what if its Naruto? There's a pop culture section for a reason you know. And I'd like constructive critisism please. What the hell can I do with just "Lots of errors"? So, like I said, if that's how you're going to be just don't bother.

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I'm glad you like them overheat. Yeah, some people mentioned some OCG errors, do you think you could point them out to me? I've been over this set several times so maybe it's just something I think is correct or just can't see. I want these cards to be perfect (yeah, i know, this is what i do with my free time) so if you can tell me id much appreciate it.

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