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Need Pics(LOCK)


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Colosseum Berserker - A pic of a calm warrior

Colosseum Warrior - A warrior wielding two swords

Colosseum Assassion - A cloaked warrior

Colosseum Guard - An armored Warrior

Colosseum Beast - A Gaint Wolf

Colosseum Medic - An old Docter

Colosseum Champion - Something like this http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/d/dd/TylertheGreatWarriorTYL-EN-UR.jpg



Colosseum - A Colosseum

Tribal Charm - An Native American Necklace



Foul - A thumps down

Hail Mary - A warrior attacking.


And once I get the field, i'll pay someone 60 points to make the background fit into all the other cards

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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