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Hello. I am liglis, you may know me as that spammer that has 3 accounts, but I have changed. Welcome to The Halo Club.


you may simply join by filling out the form below.


user name (choose) :

do you own Halo? :

do you like Halo? :


if "do you like Halo" & "do you own Halo" are not filled out you may not enter.


Halo is a online game on the Xbox 360. its EXTREMELY fun.

here at the club, you can send Halo stuff, like avatars, banners, wallpapers etc. depending on the quality of the image, you get points.


bad quality: image rejected

normal quality: 10 points

great performance: 25 points.


Here, you can also send us your Gamertag and we can verify it for a rep, but you must have Halo.



Thats my avatar, click it for larger.

If you look closely you can see master chief.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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