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Akatsuki [Newly Updated - Zetsu ]


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Guest JoshIcy

archetypes= big no-no....

relies heavily on equips which at many times, places you at a disadvantage....

the token card CANNOT work...

some cards are so overpowered i can choke in it...


but because you reminded me that i need to work on my spell cards for the set you get a 6/10... my set has a link in my signature

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Guest JoshIcy

ocg errors' date=' and stop using archetypes please! 6/10



i like my own archetypes


archetypes are bad, subtypes are good..... ie


Akatsuki/ Effect = Archetype > Bad

Warrior/ Akatsuki/ Effect or Warrior/ Akatsuki= Subtype > Good


there is one more alternative that would allow archetypes but, that would take a bit to explain and have alot of seemingly useless card text....

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Pictures: 1.5/2 (over all they were good but a few of them were blurry or streched)

Effects: 1.5/2 (pretty good but I'd like to see somthing more than just equip or maybe somthing added with the equips)

Power: 2/2

Uniqueness: 0.5/2 (I've seen nothing but naruto cards since I joined lol)

Overall: 5.5

Bonus: 1.5/2 (good job)

Total: 7/10

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