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Z cards!!


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angel z should probably be a special summon, dragon z is to powerful you should probably limit the type all a person needs is a few foolish burials or a card trooper and dragon z is godly, dragonic angel z king is a disapointment as a flagship monster most decks run only 20 monsters and i doubt very seriously your going to be able to main 20 dragons and not draw some of them, not to mention you would be able to use his effect once it is interesteing i think you should make it only one and an until end of turn effect because that complexe of an effect will never be able to be played, and maybe some protection of some sort. they are decent but weird


#1 7/10


#2 6/10


#3 7/10


#4 7/10

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Angel Z is underpowered due to difficult summoning condition and lack of an effect once it hits the field (and mediocre ATK to boot). Dragon Z is overpowered, especially in this Deck = Hand format but to a large extent in any format, due to the ease in making its ATK brokenly high. Combination of Minds and Dragonic Angel Z King are underpowered because there's no point in summoning Dragonic Angel Z King when Dragon Z is a much more powerful beatstick.


Also, OCG errors.

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