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Episode 3 of Thundercross now up!


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Episode 1: Let the Games Begin!


Kai stood next to the stands and waited for the inevitable call.


“Would Kai Samaria please report to duel bay 5.”


He slotted his deck into place, checked the straps on his duel disk and walked out to face the examiner.


“Kai,” he said, “your score on the written exam was most impressive, but you also need to do well in this duel to get to Duel Academy.”


“I know,” replied Kai, “shall we?”

(Kai 4000: Examiner: 4000)


“I’ll start,” said Kai,” with my Relay Soul magic card.”


The examiner was impressed.

“How did you get a card that rare?”


Kai just smiled.

“From the look on your face, I assume you know what it does. I can remove from play every card in my hand to draw 3 cards, and in 3 turns I get the cards I removed back. Now I play 2 face downs, and summon Dark Crusader (1600/1200) in attack mode and end my turn.”


“An impressive move, now I’ll play Cosmos Trooper (1550/2100) in defence mode.” “And that’s about all I can do,” thought the examiner, “that kid is as good as his reputation.”

“I end my turn”


Kai was unimpressed.

“Watch this, since it was removed from the game last turn, I can now activate Card From A Different Dimension! It allows both of us to draw 2 cards.”


“You must be confident if you let me draw,” said the Examiner.


“It’s a risk I have to take,” replied Kai, “without it I’d only have 1 card in my hand. Now I use the effect of Dark Crusader, by sending 2 Dark monsters from my hand to the grave, I can boost his strength by 800! (2400,1200) And I’m not done, I’ll play another face down. Now my Crusader destroys your Trooper.”


“Big mistake,” shouted the examiner, “when Trooper is destroyed, I can destroy another monster, like your Dark Crusader!”


Kai was shocked as his monster shattered into pieces.


“I end my turn.”


“I thought you might, I’ll play Shi’Arr Cruiser – Blackbird (2500/2100) in attack mode, but it is destroyed at the end of the turn, unless I play my Shi’Arr Vacuum spell card. When equipped to a Shi’Arr monster, the equipped card cannot be destroyed by card effect.”


“Bring it!”


“He’s crazy,” muttered the Examiner, “ I attack and end my turn.”


(Zyre 1500: Examiner: 4000)


Kai smiled a deep, unsettling smile.

“This is the last turn for you! I draw and activate my face down, Pyro Clock of Destiny, since 3 turns have technically passed, I get my cards back. Now I summon Dark Armed Dragon (2800/1700) in attack mode.


“But he’s level 7?”


“Since I have exactly 3 Darks in my grave, that was a special summon. Now I’ll play my Dark Penance, by reducing my dragon’s strength to 800, I can add 2 Darks from my grave to my hand. And the Grand Finale, my two face down Break the Seal traps. With them, the final Exodia piece is added to my hand.”


“Did you say the final piece?” gasped the Examiner.


“Yes, I recovered the Arms from Soul Relay, Dark Penance allowed me to get back the Legs I sent to the grave with Dark Crusader. And Break the Seal allows me to take the head from my deck to my hand.”


“An impressive performance. This guarantees you to Ra Yellow.”

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Episode 2: The Games Continue!


Kai Samaria walked off the duel field, almost walking into his friend, Akira Gustaph.

“Nice duel out there,” muttered Akira, “but I’ll win even more solidly than you.”

“I bet you will,” laughed Kai, “Ever since we’ve known each other we’ve always been equal.”

“Yeah whatever, watch me win.”

Kai watched as his friend walked onto the field to face his proctor and walked to the Counter to report his win and claim his uniform. As expected he received Ra Yellow. He carried on up to the viewing gallery. There he saw Akira was seriously out gunned. The proctor had an Ancient Gear Golem and 3 Ancient Gear Soldiers, whilst Akira had 3 Skull Servants and a Pyramid Turtle. As Kai watched, the proctor unleashed a quadruple attack, and when the smoke cleared, Akira had a King of the Skull Servants with 3000 attack points.


Kai chuckled, so much for the solid win. Akira drew and played the Foolish Burial magic card. With another King of the Skull Servants in his grave, his other King had 4000 ATK. Akira attacked an Ancient Gear Soldier and ended his turn.


What happened next took everyone in the arena by surprise. The Proctor played Polymerization and fused his three monsters into an Ancient Gear Ultimate Golem with 4400 ATK, and obliterated the King. Akira managed to bounce back by reviving his king by removing another in his grave.


Akira drew his card and showed everyone present what a solid win really was. He played Take Over 5, and sent the top 5 cards of his deck to the grave. 4 of which happened to be King of the Skull Servants and 3 Madame Wight. With his king on 7000 ATK, he ended the duel. Kai couldn’t hear anything from that high up, but he could guess that it was the same as his duel. Being praised on a victory, and no doubt that he was a Ra Yellow. As Kai continued to gaze out over the various duel fields, and explosion of smoke and flames caught his attention. A girl with long black hair had apparently won her duel. On her examiner’s side was The Creator. As the smoke cleared, Kai and the examiner could see why she lost. On her field was a Yubel, and a Quick Summon. Since this duel was much closer than Akira’s he could hear what was being said.

“How did I lose?” wondered the examiner out loud.

“By sacrificing my Double Couston and using its effect I was able to summon Yubel with Quick Summon. It has 0 ATK but you take all the damage from a battle with it.” Replied the girl, in slightly haughty tones. Without another word, she stalked off the field to collect her uniform. As Kai saw Akira coming up the stairs, everything around him became enveloped in a dark purple vapour. Whirling around, he saw a purple robed man, with a duel disk.

“I am a servant of the Sacred Beasts,” he intoned in a deep voice, as people all around were pointing, some screaming. “More specifically, my master is Raviel, The Lord of Phantasms. Now we duel.” As the vapour condensed into a solid dome, Kai realised that he didn’t have much choice…



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As Kai slipped on his duel disk, his hand went to his waist and revealed a second deck box, out of which he took a brand new deck and slotted it into place.





“I’ll start,” said Kai, “and I’ll begin with Vengeful Shinobi (600/300) in Attack Mode, that’ll do.”

“My move,” grunted the mysterious stranger, “And I’ll start with Cyber Dragon (2100/1600) in attack mode. Then I summon Phantom Skyblaster (1100/600), also in attack mode. And he lets me summon 2 Skyblaster Tokens (300,300) to the field, one for each monster I have out. Now, by sacrificing Phantom Skyblaster and the 2 Skyblaster tokens, I can summon Raviel, The Lord of Phantasms (4000/4000)!!”

Kai gasped as the mighty fiend rose from the murky fog.

“Now,” continued the stranger, “I use the effect of Raviel to tribute Cyber Dragon, and donate his points to my mighty beast. (Raviel(6100/4000)) Now attack!” Kai smiled.

“You triggered Shinobi’s effect, when he’s chosen as an attack target, I can draw a card. Then I play Charge Orb!”

“But you can’t play spells in my turn,” protested the stranger.

“Normally no, but with this card, when you declare an attack, it equips to one of my monsters.”

“So what,” sneered the stranger, “once Raviel connects, this duel is over!” Raviel’s outspread talons descended on Vengeful Shinobi and an explosion rippled the stranger’s cloak. As the smoke cleared however, the stranger was surpised. Shinobi was still standing, between Raviel’s talons.

“But…” protested the stranger.

“When a monster with Charge Orb is attacked, the battle never happens, and Charge Orbs transfers to Raviel!” As Kai spoke the Ninja jumped high and flung the Orb. It connected with Raviel’s shoulder where it stuck, the great beast screaming in rage. “And the Shinobi is destroyed.”

“I end my turn,” said the stranger.

“Fine,” replied Kai, “I draw, and summon Mataza the Zapper (1300/600) in attack mode, and why stop there? Now I’ll equip him with Charge Orb and Black Sword Nothulung. Now Mataza, attack Raviel!”

“Bring him on,” smiled the stranger, “Raviel has over 3 times his power!”

“That’s were you’re wrong, first, Charge Orb Transfers to Raviel, then Mataza can attack again. Thanks to my Black Sword, with 2 Charge Orbs on Raviel, Mataza’s attack points increase by 200%! (3900/600) and then increase by Ravel’s level x100!”

“That means…”

“Yes, Raviel is out of here”

“Noooo!” shouted the stranger as Raviel shattered.

“I place 1 card facedown and end my turn.”


“You’ll pay,” the stranger growled, “Draw. I play Dark Calling!”

“Okay,” said Kai, “So what’s it do?”

“What it does,” replied the stranger, “Is let me remove from play Raviel The Lord Of Phantasms in my graveyard, along with Valkyrion The Magna Warrior in my hand to summon a fusion monster. And the one I have in mind is Dark Gaia (?/0000).

“It’s attack points are undetermined,” gasped Kai.

“But not for long. His ATK is determined by the combined ATK of monsters used to summon him. (7500/0000). Now the duel is over. And time for me to feed your soul to the shadows! Dark Gaia attack! Evolution Storm!” Mataza the Zapper exploded and Kai’s points dropped, but not to 0, they dropped to 1.

“How did you survive, again?” questioned the stranger is furious tones.

“It’s all thanks to my Take Over Chance trap card. When it’s activated I can flip the top card of my deck, and if it’s a trap, I can activate it! And the card I flipped was my Endurance trap card, so instead of going to 0…”

“Your points become 1,” interrupted the stranger, “Just go.”

“Your wish is my command, I play my Cyber Dragon (2100/1600), place 1 card facedown and activate Mage Power which brings my Cyber Dragon’s ATK up to 3100! Now attack Dark Gaia.” The stranger was nonplussed.

“Again? D you want to lose?”

“No,” responded Kai, “since Cyber Dragon is a light attribute, I can discard Honest from my hand to the graveyard to raise his ATK equal to your Dark Gaia’s ATK! (Cyber Dragon(10600/2600))”

“But that…”

“Yep you lose.” The robed stranger screamed as his body began to dissolve into the same fog surrounding them.

“Forgive me master,” he screamed, “just give me one more chance!”

“No Rarth!” a voice boomed from the darkness. “You failed, and so the shadows await. And as for you boy,” the voice continued as Rarth dissolved completely, “you are supposedly destined to stop our return, I sent Rarth to test you. Your skills are indeed as strong as the prophecy says, we wil meet again.!” The voice fell silent as the shadows began to clear, and the Kaibadome returned. Kai saw none of this however. The strain of such a duel in the shadows had taken its toll, and he collapsed to the floor, as security, medical staff, students, examiners and teachers rushed to him.

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