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Spam army (part 3). Spam army member's only please.

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Ok, now this is mostly like the last thread for the spam army, but this is a record on how many spammer's we catch. I will be keeping an eye on how many spam's we get, but if you catch a spammer in the act, then post here with proof, and i will put it in a record i have at home. Then i will post here on how many problem's we have had with that one spammer. Then if they do it 3-4 times then they will get reported by me, if they spam up to 6-8 times, then i think we have a fair right to -rep them, i hope d_w agrees with that. I hope you find that simple. Remember, if you catch a spammer, report it here immediatly!! To all spammer's i hope you have got the message that you shouldn't spam. That's a warning.



We have them for a reason, so follow them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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