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Agent-9 - The Gunslinger ~ all ratings were 7 and above!


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[align=center] This is Maker Hunter's newest card, Agent-9 - The Gunslinger. This card I hope is new, better than my others, and hopefully good enough to get some respect out of this harsh forum community... :? ...


I do not own the artwork for this card. I use it as a means of making my cards look very good.


Here it is. Please rate AND fix if needed.



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Very nice card! I don't think there are any OCG mistakes, so nothing to fix there ;). I personally think that any kind of holo decreases the value of the pic (not that your holo is bad, I don't like any holos), but that's personal preference and nothing you have to change.


overall - 13.52/13.69 ^_^


P.S. Yes, I think you should post the non-holo version.

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