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(PG13) (?) Dance With Me - A Pokemon Romance - COMPLETE DO-OVER IN PROCESS!


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I may not be very well known on this board anymore as I have been inactive for nearly half a year now, but altemon had his day. Now, I have returned, for the sole purpose of revisiting this fanfic, and fixing it. Looking back on the chapters I have written, I can't help but think that there is not enough detail, not enough body, and too many lucky coincidences. So, I am performing a complete do-over. The basic plot will be the same, but the story will be a more fulfilling read. Also, as I intend to add more detail to the story, I may not be able to help having to bring this fanfic up higher than a PG-13 rating. If any of the moderators have a problem with this, then I shall tone down some of the content specifically for YCM, and make an edited version appropriate for the website. Please PM me if you have anything to add about this.

I will keep the unfinished old version up for people who are interested.

[spoiler=New Version - Prologue]

She looked down the cliff that stretched endlessly below her, a feeling of dizziness making its way up from her toes through the rest of her body. She was not meant to be here. This was a cruel place with bitter winds, harsh rain and dangerous, unstable land. This place could claim her in a second and she would never live again. Behind her was an immense mountain, the top of which disappeared amongst the clouds. In the darkness, it was a powerful being that towered above all. It stared down at her menacingly, daring her to misplace her footing, daring her to fall.

But, she paid it no mind.


To say her only thought was of staying alive would be a mockery of her intelligence. A thousand stray thoughts swam around her head, darting in and out of her consciousness. The happy thoughts warmed her even in the cold, damp aura of the rock face, but the worries jabbed at her relentlessly, contributing to her overall feeling of fear. She was not meant to be here.


All of a sudden, she noticed something was wrong. Her vision was different to its normal clear, well-trained state. It was slightly impaired, much like the effect of rain fogging up glasses. It was almost as if she was somebody else.


She shuffled along the thin strip of rock – the only thing in this place assuring her that the worst would not happen – and stopped as she saw it.


Directly below her was a shining green orb, pulsating restlessly and lighting up the darkness with an eerie green glow. It shone in many different hues, sometimes light, sometimes dark. It changed size regularly, too. At some points it was so small she could barely make it out, and other times it was so large it was the only thing she could see. She longed to reach out and touch it, cradle it in her arms – this was what she had risked her life coming out here to see.


And then, it happened. It was so quick, but it felt like each second was an hour. Her first mistake was bending down to get a closer look at the orb. Her second was reaching out. Her third was not grabbing the ledge as she fell down, down into the never ending darkness. She was not meant to be here.




[spoiler=New Version - Chapter One]

Brooke awoke with a start, with beads of sweat on her forehead and the traumatising image of the mountain rushing past her as she fell still fresh in her mind, still lingering behind her eyelids. She sat up in bed and turned her head to look around. She looked to the left, where her clock-radio was, to check what the time was.

9:30… I’m late!

Brooke jumped out of bed like a feral cat pouncing on its long-searched-for prey, and walked over to the dresser to get her best green and white dress. This was such an occasion, after all.

After a moment of searching through the mess that once was a tidy wardrobe full of wonderful, fancy garments, she concluded, annoyed, that her dress was not there.

I need to find my dress! Brooke thought, getting a little worried with the entire matter. She eventually decided to search under her bed, and was greeted with a warm welcome from a Ratatta that had found its way under there. She promptly shooed it outside, onto the Sandgem Beach, and continued her search for the elusive dress.


Brooke was the last one left in her family of the Ralts line, as her mother and father had passed away eight years ago due to brain cancer. It was on her thirteenth birthday, and it ensured that any celebration of her birthday left a bitter aftertaste from the memory. The day after, at the funeral, she had met the child of one of her father’s old business colleages. He was fourteen years old, and the most wonderful Pokemon Brooke had ever laid her eyes upon. He still was today. That was why today was so important. This was the day she wed Ian.


Brooke was a Gardevoir now, and Ian was a Gallade, but no feeling had changed between them in the eight years they had known each other. If anything, the love they shared had strengthened tenfold. Today was the day they could show it to everybody else.


Today was that day, and Brooke wasn’t going to ruin it by misplacing her dress. After much searching, she found it draped over their couch, and wisely decided against questioning how it had got there. Instead, she hastily showered and dressed, smiling inside at the pungent but very pleasant smell of her perfume. She was going to impress Ian today. She just knew it.


As Brooke stepped outside, she saw the familiar sight of at least a dozen dented cans lying pathetically next to the door, and smiled at the fact that even though this was their wedding day, Ian had still risen early to complete his routine morning training. She knew she was lucky to have Ian. He was strong, he was handsome, but he wasn’t obnoxious. He was modest, friendly, and an all-round nice guy. He was what many people would call perfect. Brooke just called him Ian, and he didn’t seem to mind.


With one last glance at their house, Brooke began the long walk down the driveway to the bus station, hoping that the 10:00 bus would be late as usual. She had lost a lot of time looking for her dress, and it was impossible to make up for it. As was the custom in Sinnoh, Ian had left for the Hearthome Church before Brooke. They were not allowed to see each other until the ceremony, even in the morning of the big day. For that reason, Ian had reluctantly slept on the couch last night.


As Brooke looked back at the small Sandgem-grade house that she and Ian owned, she had no way of knowing that it was the last time she would ever see it.



[spoiler=New Version - Chapter Two]

As the warm morning sun crept up over the horizon, Ian’s eyes flicked open. He lay in bed, virtually empty of thoughts, until one thought broke down the barricade.


Of course, today was the big day. Ian got up off the couch in his and Brooke’s tiny, cramped, but somehow comfortable house, and stretched. He looked around the lounge. He usually slept in the same bed as Brooke, but they weren’t allowed to see each other yet. The lounge was an unfamiliar sight to wake up to, and he felt different. But he knew that was to be expected today.


Even though today was his wedding day, Ian did not pass up the chance to train. It was only 6 in the morning; he had plenty of time. The ceremony wasn’t until 1 in the afternoon. As he walked outside he noticed Brooke’s best green and white dress lying on the floor of the kitchen. He put it in the machine to wash.


The tin cans from yesterday’s training were still sitting on the tree stump next to their house; in all the anxiety thinking about today he had forgotten to clean them up. He promptly did so, stuffing them in a plastic bag to recycle later. He then retrieved twelve new cans from another bag, noting that the supply was shortening and he would soon have to pick up some more from the recycling plant in Oreburgh.


There was no time to worry about that now though. Now was for training, and nothing else. Ian was well-practised at this. Not one thought of anything besides bringing his body and mind to its full potential crossed his mind as he trained.


After warming down from his two hours of continuous practise, Ian strolled back inside to take a shower, noting that Brooke had still shown no signs of stirring. He resisted the urge to go into their bedroom and look at her sleeping. It wouldn’t be right to do that. Ian was a Pokemon with morals.


After a long, soothing shower, Ian got into his best green and white suit and walked outside once again, with a quick glance towards the closed door of the bedroom. He hoped dearly that Brooke would get up on time, but it was not his place to rouse her from her sleep.


On any other day, Ian would have walked wherever he needed to go, but today, he would be a slave to public transport for the first time since he was fourteen, on his way to Brooke’s parents funeral.


I didn’t know anybody there except my father…


“Now, Ian, you must be on your best behaviour today.” warned Samuel, Ian’s father. “No talking out of turn, no raising your voice, and try to be careful of people’s feelings.”

“Yeah, I know, Dad.” Ian moaned. “Am I ever anything else?”

“Very true, Ian.” Samuel replied. “But, remember. Two people who were very important to a lot of Pokemon have died just yesterday. It is a tender occasion. You must be careful, and you must be kind.”

“I’ll be careful, Dad.” Ian said as he and Samuel stepped off the bus.

Ian had been careful, too. He hadn’t spoken out of turn or raised his voice, and he had not said anything that could offend anyone. But the entire time, he couldn’t help but notice a beautiful Kirlia sitting all alone in a chair near the exit, her head in her hands. She looked deeply hurt, and Ian couldn’t ignore her.


As he casually walked up to her, Ian thought about what he was going to say. He had to get it just right, he didn’t want to offend or embarrass her.


“Hi, I’m Ian.” he said. “I…I couldn’t help but notice… you looked very sad. May I ask what the problem is?”

The Kirlia sighed. “I’m Brooke. They’re my parents who died.”

Brooke…what a nice name…

The ease in which Brooke spoke this left Ian slightly taken aback. He didn’t know what to say. So he just nodded and said “I…I’m sorry to hear that…”

Brooke looked up and forced a smile. “You don’t have to act like that. You don’t have anything to do with me.”

Ian stuttered again. Brooke was so beautiful, and so well-spoken.

“My…my father was one of your father’s business associates.” he said. “Did your father ever mention Samuel?”

“Yes, I think he mentioned him a few times. He said that Samuel helped him through what would have been a huge business crisis. I have no idea what he meant by that, but yes, he did mention him. I think he mentioned you once or twice as well. You were always dogging at your father’s tail.”

“That…that sounds about right. My dad took me everywhere he went when I was little.” Ian was finding it a bit easier to talk now.

Suddenly, Ian saw something flicker in Brooke’s eyes. She put her head in her hands again and began to cry.

Through sobs Brooke said “Samuel was… he was the person my dad called out to as he was dying…”

Once again, Ian didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t very good at showing sympathy for people. So he took a chance and put his hand on Brooke’s shoulder.

“I…I feel your pain, Brooke. My grandmother died just last summer. Right in front of my eyes.”

All of a sudden, Brooke threw her arms around Ian and hugged him tightly.

“Thanks, Ian.” she whispered. “You’ve made me feel a lot better.”

Ian, not knowing what else to do, hugged her back.

It was the start of something big, and they both already knew it.


…when I left, I knew the person who would become the most important person in my life…


The 9:00 bus arrived, and Ian got on, a smile both on his face and in his heart.



[spoiler=New Version - Chapter Three]

It had never happened before. It was as if someone had set it up just to spite her, just to stop her from being happy.

The 10:00 bus was on time. And Brooke missed it.

With no transport, Brooke was tempted to call Ian for a ride, but she knew it would violate the custom that prevented them from seeing each other. So, she began her long, hopeless walk to Hearthome.

It only took Brooke about five minutes on her walk to realise that she had no chance of reaching Hearthome before 1:00. She resisted the urge to fall to her knees in a universal expression of complete and utter defeat and quickened her pace. If she could reach Oreburgh soon, maybe she could find a taxi.

Maybe. Life at the moment was full of that ugly word. Maybe, maybe, maybe. It haunted her mind every day, sometimes feeling faint in moments of happiness but never really letting go.


Brooke reached Oreburgh at 10:30, much later than she would have wanted to. She sighed, holding back tears of frustration as she walked into the PokeMart to look for supplies, and maybe pick up a taxi number.


She was greeted with a warm welcome that in no way matched the gloomy, wet day outside, nor the gloomy way she was feeling. She managed to fake a smile in return, but it was quite an effort to do so, and it left her feeling worse than she had before.


A human-being in a coat was standing behind the counter, accompanied by a Linoone, the Pokemon that had greeted her.

“What would you like to buy today?” it said. “We have all manner of goods.”

“I’ll just have a couple of…” Brooke considered saying “smokes” “…berries, I guess. And do you happen to have a phone number for a taxi?”

“We certainly do.” said the Linoone in a tone that sounded cheerful on the surface but underneath suggested that he was very tired of his job. He wrote a phone number down on Brooke’s receipt. “What berries did you want, ma’am?”

“Just Cheri today, thanks.” Brooke said. “Five, please.”

“In a bag?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Ok, thanks for shopping at our PokeMart.”

“Thanks, see you.”

Brooke left the PokeMart, her fake smile fading quickly as she no longer had to show her over-made-up face to anyone, and brought out her outdated cellphone to call the taxi. Things were finally looking a little bit more promising.


Five minutes later, the taxi showed up. It looked unsafe to drive in, and the Ursaring driving it didn’t look like he should be driving in his state either.

Nevertheless, Brooke took a chance. She had to. There was no other choice.

“How far do you want to go?” the Ursaring asked gruffly. No greeting. Straight to the point.

“To Hearthome. Do you go that far?” Brooke asked, with not a lot of hope.

“It’d cost ya millions.” the Ursaring replied, dashing Brooke’s hopes. “But I’ll take ya to Eterna for $9.”

Brooke only had $10 in her purse, but she agreed to the high price. She needed to get to Hearthome, and Eterna was really quite close.

Not entirely trusting the taxi driver, but knowing she was capable of defending herself against an Ursaring, she stepped inside the taxi, placing a Cheri berry on her tongue as she did so.

Maybe she would get to Hearthome on time after all.



[spoiler=New Version - Chapter Four]

The bus contained a moody bunch. Nobody there seemed to have a smile on their face except Ian, and the moods of those around him soon took care of that. It didn’t take long before the thought of his and Brooke’s wedding was the only thing stopping him from stooping to the level of the other Pokemon and human-beings on the bus.

Being a social person, he tried conversing with a couple of them, but got little more than a grunt in return. He soon gave up altogether and just sat quietly. He would be in Hearthome soon. It was 10:30, and they were already passing through Eterna. The bus couldn’t go from Oreburgh directly to Hearthome because of the mountain, so the bus route was significantly longer. Ian wouldn’t have minded if the people on the bus were a nicer bunch, but he was getting very bored, very quickly.


In Eterna, Ian got a chance to stretch his legs for a while as the bus took a compulsory half hour break. As he was getting out of the bus, a taxi zoomed past them at a breakneck pace, both highly illegal and highly dangerous. It stopped at a place further down the road. Ian thought about telling the driver what he thought of him, but decided not to interfere. It wasn’t worth it, and the driver could be stronger than him, anyway. Ian was strong both physically and mentally, but by no means was he untouchable. And he was dressed well, too. It wasn’t worth it.


Ian spent his half-hour at the Eterna Memorial that depicted Dialga. He just sat there, staring into space, his good mood diminished almost completely. Obviously, he would be happy once he reached Hearthome, but until then, the sad aura of Eterna would continue to gather around him. He didn’t like it at all. Ian was a happy person by nature, so places like this hurt his spirit substantially.


The bus driver, a sloppy-looking Jynx, called for everyone to get back on the bus, as it was time to begin the slow, long drive through the less rocky portion of Mount Coronet, to the small community of Celestic Town.


The large bus had trouble on the steep slopes inside the Coronet Cave, but somehow, the Jynx miraculously managed to get it out the other side unscathed. A few minutes later, Ian saw Celestic Town pass by. Nobody ever got on the bus at Celestic Town, so the driver eventually stopped waiting at the stop and just ignored it completely.


Ian sighed as they entered the rainy road leading out of Celestic Town. It was a long drive to Solaceon.



[spoiler=Old Version]

[spoiler=Chapter One – GARDEVOIR]


A cliff stretched below the place where she was standing. Strangely, her vision was impaired. It was like she was someone else. She began to feel herself topple, as she lost her balance and plummeted down the cliff, getting closer and closer to the crashing waves below…


Gardevoir woke with a start. [such a weird dream…] she thought. [so unreal…]

Gardevoir wondered if it was a vision of the future, as many a dream before had been. She sincerely hoped it wasn’t. It was possible, though…


Gardevoir climbed out of bed.

“Oh well,” she muttered. “Can’t be worrying about that today now, can we?” Today was the day of the wedding. She had been to many weddings before, weddings of her vast family and some of her friends. This wedding, however, was different. This wedding was special. This was the day she wed Gallade. This was her wedding.


Gardevoir had met Gallade when she was thirteen. Back then, she was still a Kirlia, and so was Gallade. Gallade had evolved a year before Gardevoir had, but that hadn’t changed anything between them.


Gardevoir was 21 years old now. It had been exactly eight years since they first met. They met on the day after Gardevoir’s birthday. It was also the day after both her parents had died. They were 45 and 49, and had led good lives, but they were cut short on the day they were taken by cancer. Both of them had it, her mother of the heart and her father of the brain.


This occurrence made sure that on Gardevoir’s birthday, amongst all the happiness, there would always be a bitter aftertaste.


Gardevoir left the house at 10 a.m. She had to get to Hearthome City by noon, and it seemed impossible, being in Sandgem. She had forgotten how to teleport back when she was a Ralts, seeing no need for it. Now, though, she regretted her past judgement. It was going to be a tough journey, but she had to be quick.




[spoiler=Chapter Two - GALLADE]


Crash! Tin cans fell off the tree stump as fast as lightning.

Gallade trained each morning for several hours. No matter what lay in the day ahead, he always put time aside. This was even so today, on his wedding day. This day, of course, was important, but his morning routine never differed, no matter what day it was.


Gallade used his psychic powers to place the battered and dented cans back on the tree stump. Then, he shot a glowing ball at one of them, causing it to explode, thus sending the other five cans off the stump. This was the way Gallade fought. Not with brute force, but by thinking and strategising.


By the time Gallade had finished his training, Gardevoir had already left their little house in Sandgem. After their marriage, they were planning to settle down in Snowpoint City, but for now they lived in a small house by the beach.


Gallade looked at the glowing digital clock. [10:35] he thought. [better get going!]


Gallade sprinted down the beach with ease to his friend, Lapras. It would be much faster to surf around the coast on Lapras than to walk on foot.


Lapras beamed. “All ready for the big day, then?” he said.

“You bet!” replied Gallade. “I couldn’t be more ready!”

“Let’s go, then,” Lapras said. “We don’t have much time, you know. You have to be there by noon.”

“All right, I’m all ready!” Gallade exclaimed, leaping onto Lapras’ back.


Lapras sped off as fast as he could go, determined to get Gallade to Hearthome as fast as possible.


Gallade had the biggest smile on his face he had ever had in his life.




[spoiler=Chapter Three – GARDEVOIR]


Gardevoir hailed a taxi at the exit of Sandgem Town. She was lucky to find one, as they were rare nowadays. She wished she had remembered how to teleport, for it would be a great help. Oh well, what was done was done. She was sure to get there on time, anyway.


When Gardevoir arrived in Jubilife City, the taxi’s round ended. Gardevoir left the taxi, paid the cost, plus tip [Courtesy, courtesy] and walked briskly to the Poke Mart to get some supplies.


On her way to the mart, she ran into an old friend, Staraptor.

“Whatcha doin’?” Staraptor inquired. “Ya look busy.”

“I am,” Gardevoir replied hastily. “I have a wedding to attend.”

“Uh-huh. Ya look good, Gardie!” said Staraptor in an absent-minded way. “Whose wedding’s it?”

“Mine, please get out of the way.” Gardevoir snapped, but not unkindly. “I’m in a hurry.”

Staraptor squawked with surprise. “Yours?”


Gardevoir’s patience was dropping rapidly. It was 11:00 and she was yet to leave Jubilife. How was she meant to get to Hearthome in one hour? Gardevoir walked off without another word to Staraptor. Staraptor squawked and flew away, muttering “I would’ve offered ya a ride, but…”


At 11:30, Gardevoir was in Eterna City. She rushed to the bicycle store and hastily forked out the last of the money in her purse. A bicycle would get her to Hearthome much faster.


The route to Solaceon Town was a wet, rainy one. Gardevoir was soaked by the time she reached it. She had dropped her watch on the way through Mt Coronet, and now had no idea of the time. She just hoped she wasn’t late…


[Why didn’t I arrange transport?] thought Gardevoir, brushing the water from her face, which was now a mix of rain and tears of frustration.




[spoiler=Chapter Four – GALLADE]


Lapras surfed along the water, faster than ever, finally arriving at Valor’s beach.

“Well, this is where you get off, Gallade!” said Lapras. “I’m sorry, but I can’t take you any further.”

“No prob.” said Gallade, and jumped off Lapras. “I guess I’ll hike over the mountain, and come down in Hearthome.”

“Yeah,” Lapras agreed. “That would be the fastest way, if not the easiest.”

“See ya ‘round.” Gallade said, and began his mountain climb.


Climbing Mt Coronet wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Gallade was glad of his training each morning. It gave him endurance. He should arrive in Hearthome without breaking a sweat. After all, he wouldn’t want to be all smelly and sweaty at his and Gardevoir’s wedding.


Little did he know, as he climbed over Mt Coronet, Gardevoir was directly below him, making her way out of Eterna City.




[spoiler=Chapter Five]

Gardevoir and Gallade both entered Hearthome at the same time, however on different sides. Gardevoir, worrying that she was late, ran, but Gallade, believing he was early, walked slowly.


As Gardevoir approached the church, her heart pounded. She was late. She was sure of it.


It wouldn’t have mattered how late Gardevoir was, however. As soon as she entered the church, there was a loud noise. An explosion. The roof of the church caved in. Gardevoir screamed. A shape formed in the rubble at the far side of the church, then flickered and disappeared.


Gallade heard the explosion and came running.


“What on earth happened?” Gallade asked, shocked.

“I have no idea,” Gardevoir replied. “The – the roof just caved in!” She decided not to mention the figure she had seen in the rubble. It was probably just a hallucination.


Realisation dawned in Gallade’s eyes. He linked arms with Gardevoir, and started to lead her away.


“We have to go!” he shouted. “There’s no time to explain…”


Gallade and Gardevoir both ran out of the west exit of Hearthome, towards Mt. Coronet, away from the church, away from Hearthome, away from everything.




[spoiler=Chapter Six]

Gallade led Gardevoir into Mt Coronet.

“What’s happening, Gallade?” Gardevoir said, not at all hiding her fear.

“Now’s not the time,” Gallade replied. “I’ll tell you later, when we are far enough away from Hearthome.”

“Where will we go?”

“We will leave Sinnoh, and go to Kanto. It is the furthest from Sinnoh, and we want to get as far away as possible.”

“But… Sinnoh is my home…” Tears pricked in Gardevoir’s eyes.

Gallade hugged Gardevoir, drying her tears with his fingertips. “We have no choice.” he said. “We must go, or risk death.”

Gardevoir stood up. “I would rather die than leave Sinnoh.”

Gallade sighed. “Than stay we will, though the risk shall be great.”

Gardevoir giggled. “You are so funny when you speak like that!”



Gallade and Gardevoir walked slowly through Mt Coronet, looking for a place to spend the night. Gallade, unlike Gardevoir, still carried his watch. It was already 6pm. They had to find refuge soon.


A light became visible overhead. It was the end of the cave dug into Mt. Coronet. And beyond it was a hollowed-out tree. The perfect place to spend the night.



Gallade slumped down next to the tree. It had been a long day. They crawled into the hollowed out tree, and lay down next to one another. They were both exhausted.


For a few seconds, Gardevoir and Gallade's lips interlocked, and then they broke off and both fell asleep. There was a big day ahead of them tomorrow.




Chapter Seven


Partway through the night, Gardevoir woke. She had had the same dream that she had had the night before, about the cliff. She had awoken at the same time of the dream, too.


Gardevoir turned to look at Gallade, and screamed. Gallade wasn’t there.


Then, a voice rang out. “Don’t worry, Gardevoir, I’m out here by the stream.”


Gardevoir got up, banging her head on the tree as she did so, and walked over to the stream. Gallade was lying on the grass, looking up at the stars. Gardevoir lay down next to him.


“The night sky is beautiful, isn’t it?” Gallade said dreamily. “All the stars seem to merge together into one big pattern.”

Gardevoir nodded. “It sure is.”

The two lay there for a while; it could have been two minutes; it could have been two hours, time was lost as they stared up at the sky.


After a while, Gallade spoke.


“My mother told me when I was younger to save it until I was married.” he said. “But now, I kind of feel like we are. Sure, we haven’t had the ceremony, it isn’t written in ink, but I feel like it is.”

“Gallade,” Gardevoir said, turning to face Gallade. “You aren’t suggesting… we are by a river, both exhausted, we’ve had a long, hard day and we are on the run from a force that threatens to destroy Sinnoh. Why would you possibly think that now would be the right time?”

Gallade summed it all up in two words. “Why not?”



[spoiler=Chapter Eight, end of Part One]

The next morning, when Gallade woke, Gardevoir was still sleeping peacefully beside him, so Gallade quietly stood up and left the hollowed-out tree, which they had returned to. Gallade looked at the time. It was only 6 a.m. The perfect time for training.


Gallade, seeing no other way to train, began to climb Mt Coronet. He climbed for a while, and then stopped for a rest. He looked out into the distance, and shuddered. He was looking out at Sandgem Town, barely visible in the early morning mist. However, it was visible enough for Gallade to see that it was in ruins.


Fire was spreading through the routes around Sandgem, thankfully stopped at the water’s edge by the ocean and the sand. Gallade could see the wildfire spreading to Jubilife City.


He heard a curse below. Gardevoir had awoken, and had once again bumped her head on the inside of the tree.


“What are you looking at, Gallade?” Gardevoir asked, seeing the disturbed expression on Gallade’s face. “What’s wrong?”


Gallade didn’t speak but began to descend down the mountain. When he reached the bottom, he spoke.


“Sandgem Town is in ruins,” he said softly. “A fire is spreading throughout the area.”


Gardevoir flinched. “What could have done this?” she stuttered.


“I expect it would be the same thing that caused the roof of the Hearthome church to cave in.” Gallade replied, not losing his cool as always.


“We must go to Sandgem.” Gardevoir said suddenly. “If we are quick, we may catch up to whatever is doing this.”


“If we are planning to do that, we must act now.” said Gallade. “Let’s go.”



[spoiler=Chapter Nine]

Gallade had to slow himself down to run at Gardevoir’s speed as they rushed along the grassy path. After several minutes running, they slid down a small slope together into Oreburgh City.

“Well, we’re nearly there,” said Gallade as they entered the Pokémon Center. “Now, we jut need to go through to Jubilife, and down a small trail to Sandgem.”

“That’s all very well,” Gardevoir said, “but what do we do when we get there?”

“The first thing we should do is to find a way to put out the fire.”

“How do you think we should go about that?”

“Well, before we leave Oreburgh, I would like you to meet one of my childhood friends.”

Gallade walked up to a house near the mines. “I just hope he still lives here.”

Gallade knocked on the door, and one of those not-so-familiar-but-still-recognisable voices answered, “Come in.”

Gardevoir followed Gallade into the house, where a fat blue Pokémon greeted them.

“Kirlia!” the fat blue Pokémon said. “Or, Gallade, I should say. I haven’t seen you in years!”

“Nor you, Prinplup – er - Empoleon.” Gallade said. “How nice it is to see you.”

“What brings you here?” Empoleon said.

Gallade explained all about what happened in Hearthome, and the fire in Sandgem.

“So that’s why we need your help.” Gallade finished. “We need someone who is capable of putting out the fire.”

“I’ll be glad to help,” Empoleon said. “We should continue right away.”


With that, Gallade, Gardevoir and Empoleon all headed out of Oreburgh City, down Route 203 to Jubilife.




[spoiler=Chapter Ten]

Upon reaching Jubilife, a strange thing happened. For a few seconds, all colors were inverted. Gardevoir jumped, frightened, and then breathed a sigh of relief as the colors reverted back to normal.


“What was that?” Gallade exclaimed.

“So, it wasn’t just me, then?” Gardevoir said.

“No, I saw it too,” Empoleon said. “The colors changed, right?”

“Yeah.” Gallade and Gardevoir said in unison.

“I wonder what it was,” Gallade said. “Why did it happen, all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know, but we have to keep moving!” Empoleon urged.


The three Pokémon walked briskly through Jubilife and began down Route 202. About halfway through the route, the trio saw a flame in the distance. It was at the entrance of Sandgem.


The three rushed up to Sandgem, and Empoleon fired off a Water Gun at the wall of flames. Hardly anything happened.


“I’ll have to try something else,” Empoleon said, proceeding to launch a full-bodied Hydro Cannon at the fire. That did it. The flames began to recede. Empoleon continued dowsing the flames until the only ones left were the ones creeping up to the beach to be extinguished.


The fire had gone, but Sandgem Town had not been spared. The entire place was in ruins, including Gardevoir and Gallade’s house by the beach.



[spoiler=Chapter Eleven]

“I saw it coming.” Gallade said. “Why would one house be spared among the destruction of others?” But, although he spoke with clarity, and with no break in his voice, tears were forming in his eyes. He turned away.


Gardevoir heard him murmur something. “What?” she said.

“We have to stop this!” Gallade shouted, abruptly swivelling around to face Gardevoir and Empoleon. He took Gardevoir’s hands in his own and held tight. “Whatever this is, we have to stop it! First Hearthome, now Sandgem. Who knows what town will be struck next?”

Gardevoir released her grip on Gallade’s hands and turned to face Empoleon. “Will you help us, Empoleon?” she said. “We need help, that is sure. Are you willing?”

Empoleon sighed. “Yes.” he said after a while. “I’ll help you.”


The three Pokémon sat down on the ledge outside Sandgem Town. “It’s late,” said Gallade. “We should make a shelter for the night.”

“Good idea.” Empoleon said. “I’ll gather wood, and you should gather very big leaves, you two. There’s a tree over there. We’ll tie the leaves to the wood and lean it against this ledge to make a shelter. “

“Always one to think on your toes, aren’t you, Empoleon.” Gallade said.

Empoleon laughed. “It’s just one of my traits.”


When the shelter was finally made, Gallade and Empoleon lay down and went to sleep, after hearing a quick explanation from Gardevoir that she was going to Lake Verity, which was just around the corner. It was a cloudless night, but the wind blew hard and loud. It was so loud, in fact, that nobody could hear Gardevoir’s cry as she was whisked away and carried deep down into the cave in the middle of the lake.



[spoiler=Chapter Twelve]

Gardevoir continued screaming as she was carried over the mountain by a black figure.

“I think you need to shut up now.” it said. “It would be in your best interests.”

Gardevoir didn’t take the hint, and screamed louder and louder. Why couldn’t anybody hear her?

“I warned you.” said the voice. It annoyed Gardevoir how it was so calm, like this was a conversation between old school chums. But Gardevoir didn’t have time to think about that. She was promptly knocked unconscious.

“Hm.” said the figure with content. “That’s better. A lot easier to carry, too.”



“Start the machine.” said the large Ursaring sitting in a comfy looking black chair. “We have to make sure we’re not too late.”

“Yes, sir.” said the voice from before. It was this “Yes, sir” that Gardevoir first heard as she slowly awoke to find herself in a well-lit room, lying on a bench with a curious looking machine above her. Suddenly her memories from the night before came back to her, and she tried to jump up, only to find she was strapped down by tough metal bars. She made an attempt to bend the bars with her mind, but only tired herself out more.


A light flashed, seeming to blind Gardevoir, and then the Ursaring frowned.

“I thought as much. It’s a shame, but it will have to go.”

“Wha-what do you mean?” Gardevoir stammered. Her voice was hoarse and her throat was dry.

“Ah! So nice of you to join us, Miss Gardevoir.” the Ursaring said. “You don’t need to worry, the process is nearly complete.”

“What are you doing to me?” Gardevoir half shouted, half wheezed.

“Not to worry, we’re not going to hurt you.” the Ursaring replied. “We are running a programme to kill off certain species of Pokémon. The Ralts line happens to be one of them. See, the Pokémon world is becoming overpopulated, so we are killing off some of the less significant species. Don’t worry, we are going to let you live, but you carry a Ralts embryo. In order to be done with our programme as quickly as possible, I am afraid we cannot let this live.”

“What?” Gardevoir stammered. “How…”

“Well,” said the Ursaring, “when a mummy Pokémon and a daddy Pokémon love each other very much”

“Shut up!” Gardevoir cut him off. “What you are doing is cruel. I won’t allow it!” Gardevoir made another attempt to bend the bars, and, fully awake this time, succeeded. She ran off into the night.

The Ursaring lit up a cigar, relaxed more in his chair, and uttered to words. “Give chase.”



[spoiler=Chapter Thirteen]

Gardevoir exited the cave to find she was surrounded by a lake.

“This must be Lake Verity.” she thought. “It’s so beautiful in the moonlight!”

Just then, she heard a war cry behind her as fifty or so figures rushed out of the mouth of the cave. Gardevoir levitated and rushed across the surface of the lake, hardly brushing the gentle cover of the water as she did so. When she reached the other side, she looked back to see the Pokémon were all Teddiursa, and couldn’t swim.

Gardevoir took this chance to steal away into the forest.


As Gardevoir ran swiftly through the forest bordering Lake Verity, she noticed the red crest on her chest begin to glow. She knew what was happening – she had been one of the only people intently listening in the Ralts-only sex education class at her highschool – but still she ran. She couldn’t waste time.


When she got out of the forest on to Route 201, her crest was gone. It had shed to allow room for growth during her pregnancy.* It looks like she wouldn’t have to tell Gallade after all. He would find out the first instance he saw her.


Still Gardevoir ran. She didn’t want Gallade to find her missing, he had enough to worry about already.


*The first person to say Too much Information will receive a bonk on the noggin.



[spoiler=Chapter Fourteen]

The next morning when Gallade awoke, Gardevoir was asleep next to him with a bunch of leaves making a blanket over her. There was something different about her figure but he couldn’t figure out what. He shrugged and jumped the ledge down to a grassy patch by a road to train.


Half an hour later Gardevoir woke up. Empoleon was still sleeping; he was one to sleep in. Gardevoir brushed her hands down her front to get rid of the dirt left by her cover of leaves and was reminded that her crest had been shed. Her worries came back to her as she pondered how she was going to break it to Gallade. Her tummy had already started to stick out a bit and her chest was noticeably fuller; Gardevoir pregnancies were relatively short ones, usually only lasting about a month, with rapid growth and signs only a few days in.


As she saw Gallade strolling back from where he was standing down the small ledge, Gardevoir began to panic. As he drew closer, Gardevoir went over in her mind what she would say. But, at the last moment, Gallade turned and went into the forest. Gardevoir breathed a sigh of relief, but knew he would find out eventually.


Gallade found out sooner than Gardevoir thought he would while strolling through the forest. On the forest floor lay Gardevoir’s shed crest. Gallade stopped and studied it. Could this crest belong to Gardevoir? It certainly looked like it might. Gallade’s suspicions arose as he picked up the crest and studied the edge. It was still jagged, meaning that it had not had time to smoothen yet and it was freshly shed within the day. Gallade walked briskly back to their lean-to, Gardevoir’s crest in one hand, his own clutched in the other, his heart a flutter with excitement.


When he reached their shelter, he saw that Gardevoir was not there, and Empoleon was asleep. He began searching for Gardevoir.


After a few minutes of searching, he saw Gardevoir washing her hair at the pond. She had undone it from its usual over the eyes, curled at the back of the neck style and it flowed to halfway down her back. Gallade smiled. She looked so beautiful in the light of dawn. He couldn’t possibly approach her how he had intended to, accusing and mad that he had not been told.


Gardevoir turned to face the place where, unbeknownst to her, Gallade was standing. When she saw him, she jumped slightly.

“What’s that in your hand, Gallade?” she said.

“Why don’t you tell me?” Gallade replied. He meant to say it unthreateningly and non-accusingly, but it didn’t come out how he had intended.

Gardevoir gasped. “My crest! I was g-going to tell y-you…”

Gallade put a finger to Gardevoir’s mouth indicating silence. “You don’t have to explain.” he said soothingly. “I’m not worried by it, in fact, I’m rather excited.”

Gardevoir’s face softened as she tied back her hair. “That’s good then.” she said. “I was worried about what you would think.” She walked over to the side of the lake, picked up her dress and put it back on. “I’m glad you’re OK about it.”


“Isn’t this exciting?” Gallade said after he and Gardevoir had told Empoleon the news. “We’re going to be parents!”

Gardevoir smiled, but a nagging thought still rested at the back of her mind. She kept quiet, though. Gallade had enough to worry about.



[spoiler= Chapter Fifteen]

As the day drew on, Gardevoir, Gallade and Empoleon, presented with such exciting news, pushed the urge to continue searching for the cause of all the problems in Sinnoh further and further to the back of their mind where it would be left to their subconscious until the next morning. Gardevoir lay with her head resting in Gallade’s lap as they all discussed what had happened in the ten years that was put between the last time Gallade and Empoleon had seen each other. It turned out that Empoleon had a job as a newspaper journalist which was his dream, and that he was once married to a Shiny Empoleon a couple of years ago, but divorced within the first month because things weren’t working.


Evening crept up slowly and then twilight jumped upon them like a wild Ponyta. Empoleon went to sleep after a quick meal consisting of berries and Gardevoir and Gallade were left to talk.


“So, Gardevoir,” Gallade said conversationally, “how do you feel about this baby?”

“I’m kind of nervous,” Gardevoir replied, “but I’m excited, too. I’ve never been through anything like this before.”

“We’ll go through it together.” Gallade said soothingly. “It’ll all work out.”

Gallade and Gardevoir sat together in each other’s arms in the moonlight for what could have been a millennium. They listened to the sound of the wind whistling through the trees, the nocturnal Pokémon scurrying across the ground, the water in the lake swishing softly under the large full moon.


When the moon disappeared behind a cloud that seemed to stretch on through infinity, when Gardevoir and Gallade could barely see each other’s faces in the dark, they lay down together, kissed the most wonderful, long, passionate kiss they had ever before, and both fell asleep, not a care in the world dancing in their heads.


The trees rustled with more than just wind.



[spoiler=Chapter Sixteen]

“There.” said the Ursaring. “In the water. Two Gyarados.”

“Should I shoot to kill?”

“No. Fire the sterility laser.”

“As you wish.”

For a few seconds a brilliant light shone, and then all the colors were inverted. The whole process was complete in five seconds.

“Our radar shows that the male Gyarados is now sterile, sir.”

“Good. We don’t need Magikarp in our world.”

“Sir, I’m still confused about one thing.”

“What is that, Machamp?”

“Why did the sterility laser not affect Gallade? That Gardevoir was pregnant.”

“I’m afraid Gallade are a species that we are going to have to sterilise manually. They have a thick shell around their base, protecting them from our laser.”

“Sir, by ‘sterilise manually’, do you mean…”

“That’s right, Machamp. We’re going to have to kill them all.”




Gallade awoke to the loud sound of gunfire outside their lean-to. He immediately shook Gardevoir and Empoleon awake, and then poked his head out of the hut to see what was going on.

“What the hell?” he exclaimed as his eyes fixed on a horrible sight. “What is happening?”

Dozens of other Gallade were strewn lifeless around their camp. With every shot, another one fell out of the trees and landed with a dull, final thump.

“We have to get out of here!” he yelled as he picked up Gardevoir and motioned for Empoleon to follow.


Empoleon crawled out of the lean-to and hid behind a bush. Gallade followed with Gardevoir shaking in his arms. Empoleon led the way as they circled around the outside of the camp, out of the view of who – or what – was killing all these Gallade.


When they finally made it to Twinleaf, Empoleon breathed a sigh of relief. “What the HELL is going on, Gallade!?” he exclaimed. “What on earth have you dragged me into?”

Gallade lay Gardevoir down on the ground and turned to face Empoleon. “I had no idea this was happening! I just needed your help to put out the fire in Sandgem! You didn’t HAVE to come along, you know!”

Empoleon sighed. “I know.” he said. “I’m sorry for shouting at you. It doesn’t matter what happens now, anyway. I can’t go back to Oreburgh.”

“What do you mean?” Gardevoir spoke for the first time that night. “Why can’t you go back?”

“Oreburgh is gone.” Empoleon replied. “I just got a text from my neighbour. It says: ‘Oreburgh under air raid. No escape. Don’t come back, it’ll just bring you more sadness.’ I don’t want to think about what might have happened to Girafarig…”

“That’s horrible, Empoleon!” Gardevoir cried. “We have to stop what’s happening!”

“That’s the problem, Gardevoir.” Gallade cut in. We don’t know what happening.”

Gardevoir looked Gallade in the eye and sighed. “I do.”





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