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.ooOO Destroyer of Life OOoo..


Do you like Illidan?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Illidan?

    • No. He irritates me.
    • Don't care.
    • I Love him! He is my one true love.

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Here you go, a new card.

I'm in school again... Omfg...

Thank God that our class ends at 5 P.M.


DISCLAIMER: Do not own card, nor Illidan. Use it/him to increase the overall quality of the card. All hail the unknown author!


As you can see, our beloved Illidan became a card. Oh yay.






CARD TXT: If this card was Tribute Summoned with 2 tributes, it gains the following effects:

- Once per duel, by Discarding your entire hand to the graveyard, inflict 1500 damage to your opponent's Life Points. - By removing this card from play, Special Summon 3 "Life Leech Tokens" (Fiend-Type/DARK/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 1000). While the tokens remain on your side of the field, your opponent loses 500, and you gain 200 Life Points per turn.



If only one could add those black dots...

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this cards effect is lame. discarding your entire hand. you might as well give your opponent the duel.


Not true, I mean if you have no cards in your hand then the effect is awesome. Plus you only have to discard your hand if you want to, which means SET ALL THE CARDS IN YOUR HAND AND BOOOOOOOM!!!

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